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An image of devices that can be used to get a fax number on MyFax.

How To Get a Fax Number

While emails and instant messaging may dominate your daily communication, you may be surprised to learn that faxing remains quite popular. At least 70% of healthcare providers utilize faxing to

An image of a fax machine being tested.

How To Test a Fax Machine

Thanks to the internet, anyone can use online fax services or learn how to fax from computers. But while fax machines may seem like relics of the past, they are widely used


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An image of a computer, demonstrating that fax machines are not obsolete, but has moved beyond the machine to online technology.

Are Fax Machines Obsolete?

Are fax machines obsolete? It depends on what you associate with faxing. If you picture a fax and think of a mid-1990s office with bulky machines, you’re not alone —

An image of a fax machine preparing to send a test fax.

How To Send a Test Fax 

In the fast-paced digital landscape of the 21st century, the fax machine may seem like a relic of a bygone era. Yet, despite the prevalence of email, instant messaging, and

A man in a gray suit determining where to fax Form 2848 to the IRS.

Where You Can Fax Form 2848

The U.S. tax code contains thousands of pages of information and is notorious for its complexity. Trying to decode it can feel like an uphill battle, so many people play

A person preparing to fax original documents using MyFax.

Can You Fax Original Documents?

In the digital age, many people are accustomed to sending electronic forms via email. However, for several industries and organizations, fax machines still fulfill an indispensable role, primarily due to

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