Benefits of Online Faxing with MyFax

Welcome to the online fax service tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Time is precious, and so is money. With MyFax, you save both while ensuring a high standard of professionalism. As a result, you can improve your productivity, work wherever suits you, and never miss an important fax.

MyFax offers a complete online fax solution for your business. Easy to use and highly efficient, it’s the perfect way to keep everything running smoothly.

Transform Your Business – The Benefits Of MyFax

Never Miss a Fax

With online fax from MyFax, you can access some great features that help you ensure you never miss a fax again.

  • Fax by Email

  • Share With 5

  • MyFax Mobile App

MyFax is the perfect solution for busy professionals. Set up your email address for your account, and the service will automatically forward your faxes directly to it. You can track them anywhere you have email access – phone, computer, smartwatch – anytime, anywhere.

Stay Organized

When using MyFax, you gain several features that make organization simple.

  • Fax Archive

  • MyAccount Online Portal

  • Address Book

The detailed records MyFax stores of every fax sent and received by your account are precious. They’re archived online once you’re done with them, easily retrieved at the tap of a few buttons if needed. So no matter where you are, it’s effortless if you need to check something sent weeks ago or double-check what someone sent you.

Go Paperless

Climate change is an ever-growing concern, and in the digital age, there is no need to rely on paper faxes anymore. Now you can go completely paperless without compromising anything that makes faxing so useful.

Here are some of the MyFax features that help you go paperless:

  • Fax By Email

  • MyAccount Online Portal

  • Fax Archive

If you want to cut down on the paper clutter in your office or want to be as environmentally responsible as possible, getting MyFax online fax service is a great place to start.

Be Professional

Technology has many benefits, but the ability to seamlessly improve your professionalism has to be up there at the top. So many vital elements of your career are tied to professionalism, from employability to the level of salary you can command. These MyFax features can help take your professionalism to the next level:

  • Local or Toll-Free Fax Numbers

  • International Fax Numbers

  • Custom Fax Cover Sheets

One great benefit of a MyFax online fax account is helping entrepreneurs and small businesses get established. You can easily show yourself as an established firm with features like a toll-free fax number and custom fax cover sheets. In addition, have your inbound faxes sent directly to your email inbox so you can always reply promptly, improving your responsiveness to customers and prospects.

Save Time

When running a business, efficiency, productivity, and creating the best possible workflow are critical. Fortunately, MyFax has a few excellent time-saving features, including:

  • Fax by Email

  • MyFax Mobile App

  • Share With 5

The ability to fax with MyFax when you’re on your computer or phone means you save valuable time. You will never have to wait again at the office fax machine or search for a machine while traveling.

Eliminate Fax Software and Hardware

Gone are the days you had to find a physical fax machine tied to a physical phone line to send a fax. Thanks to all the outstanding MyFax features, you can fax directly through the app without any software or hardware.

  • Fax by Email

  • Fax Archive

  • MyFax Mobile App

With MyFax, enjoy full-featured faxing capability in the cloud. It’s like having a desktop fax machine and several enormous filing cabinets in your office – without the bulk or expense.

Stay Mobile

More than ever, workers enjoy working remotely and the flexibility of the chance to work from wherever. Nothing’s worse than being tied to a physical fax machine when you want to be working from the garden, or your favorite cafe, or the beach. These MyFax features will help you stay mobile:

  • MyFax Mobile App

  • Local or Toll-Free Fax Numbers

  • Fax by Email

With MyFax, you can send and receive faxes via email or our mobile app. Manage all of your faxing, whether at home, on the road, or in your office.

Save Money

Saving money is always a bonus. A great system shouldn’t just streamline your processes and make everything flow more efficiently. It should also free up some of your budgets. With MyFax, you’ll save money with features like these:

  • Share With 5

  • Fax Archive

  • Local or Toll-Free Fax Numbers

  • Free Live Customer Support

You don’t need to maintain your office fax machine with repair costs and supplies or pay monthly charges for an extra landline. Instead, your cost-effective MyFax online solution is all you need to receive, review, and send faxes.

Keep It Simple

Another great benefit of implementing a new process is creating greater simplicity in your workflows. You can keep it simple with MyFax features such as:

  • MyAccount Online Portal

  • Fax by Email

  • Address Books

  • Fax to 50

MyFax streamlines all of your faxing so you can send & receive documents, manage your account, and store your faxes electronically, all in a user-friendly online portal. That means no more filing documents, hunting through reams of papers, or standing by a fax machine to redial a busy number.

Why should I use an
online fax service

If you’re a modern business functioning in the digital age, having an online faxing service is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, physical fax machines and even physical phone lines are completely outdated. Many of your clients, customers, prospects, and stakeholders will not accept a lack of access to a fax machine or phone line as a viable excuse for delays. 
While the digital age has brought a lot of improvements, it’s also massively reduced attention spans and patience. We now live in an instant gratification culture. People expect you to receive their faxes in an instant and reply promptly. When you’re using an online fax service, you never need to worry faxes are languishing in the machine back at the office while you’re out and about. You never have to fail to send a fax on time because the machine is broken, the phone line is down, or the power is out.
Online faxing is the modern solution, and if you’re not already using it, this is your wake-up call; you need an update.

What are the
benefits of MyFax

MyFax is the perfect solution for your digital faxing needs – a complete system that offers everything required from an online faxing service. Whether using the fax app for Android or iOS, you have instant access to everything MyFax offers, including features that save you time and money, allow you to stay connected anywhere, any time, and ensure professionalism. 
Using MyFax, you can also create a completely paperless faxing flow, which reduces your carbon footprint and boosts your social accountability (not to mention saving you even more money on paper!).

Why fax when you can email?

When email first arrived on the scene, it seemed to have an obvious advantage over faxing. Back then, sending a fax still relied on a physical fax machine, and email was much more flexible. These days, faxing has caught up with the digital age, and you can send faxes online. And there are some pretty compelling reasons to send a fax over emailing the same information.

Firstly, there are data security and privacy concerns to consider. In addition, you need to factor in several other improvement implications, mainly relating to efficiency and speed. 

While long-term email users might still argue that it’s a better system to rely on than fax, many industries and professionals still prefer to use fax over email. There are several key reasons to use fax over email, including:

Sending a signed document in hardcopy form via fax is straightforward; place the physical copy on the fax machine and press go. When you’re faxing online, sending a hard copy is still effortless, as the MyFax app has built-in tools to scan documents. On the other hand, emailing documents requires a tedious process to send and receive hard copies.

You gain greater security when you fax online instead of emailing, as the MyFax app uses end-to-end encryption to transmit your faxes. Unfortunately, most email services don’t offer standard end-to-end encryption, meaning third parties can read email content. Emails are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Faxing wins the reporting game compared to email. Most email services don’t have automatic functions that confirm delivery. You only find out an email hasn’t been successfully sent if it bounces back to you with a delivery failure notification.

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