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Save time and money. Get more work done from anywhere. Never miss an important fax.
MyFax® offers the most complete and easy-to-use online fax
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The MyFax Benefits That Can Transform Your Business

Here are some of the MyFax features that help ensure you’ll never miss a fax:

MyFax forwards your inbound faxes directly to the email addresses you set up for your account.

MyFax features make it easy for your business to stay organized:

MyFax stores a detailed record of every fax you send or receive, archiving them online for you to easily retrieve anytime. With MyFax, your communications are more organized than if you had to file paper copies.

Here are some of the MyFax features that help you go paperless:

If you want to cut down on the paper clutter in your office or if you just want to be environmentally responsible, getting the MyFax online service is a great place to start.

These MyFax features can help you be professional:

One great benefit of a MyFax online fax account is that it can help entrepreneurs and small business present the image of an established firm, with features like a toll free fax number and custom fax cover sheets. You can be more responsive to customers and prospects by getting your inbound faxes emailed to you, no matter where you are.

You’ll save time with these MyFax

The ability to fax with MyFax when you’re on your computer or phone means you save valuable time. You will never have to wait again at the office fax machine or search for a machine while traveling.

MyFax features let you fax with no software or hardware:

With MyFax, enjoy full-featured faxing capability in the cloud. It’s like having a desktop fax machine and several large filing cabinets in your office – without the bulk or expense.
These MyFax features will help you stay

With MyFax, you can send and receive faxes by email or with our mobile app. Manage all of your faxing, whether you’re at home, on the road, or in your office.

With MyFax, you’ll save money with features like these:

You don’t need to maintain your office fax machine with repair costs and supplies or pay monthly charges for an extra landline. Your cost-effective MyFax online solution is all you need to receive, review, and send faxes.

You can keep it simple with MyFax features such as:

MyFax streamlines all of your faxing so you can send & receive documents, manage your account, and store your faxes electronically, all in a user-friendly online portal. That means no more filing documents, hunting through reams of papers, or standing by a fax machine to redial a busy number.

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