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Upgrade your legacy fax system to MyFax corporate cloud fax and drive down costs.

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MyFax Cloud Faxing Capabilities

Unlimited fax storage

24/7 dedicated customer support

Entire service works in the cloud

Local, toll free and
international fax numbers

Mobile apps to fax on the go

Flexibility to fax by email or online

No hardware or software required

As a hosted digital fax service for organizations of all sizes, MyFax Corporate lets you seamlessly migrate important fax documents to the cloud, where they can be effortlessly reviewed, edited, and transmitted — within your company or anywhere in the world — as standard email attachments.

Individual teams and project managers can manage your fax traffic from a single administrator-controlled corporate fax account that comes with as many fax numbers as you need.

MyFax can be rolled out seamlessly to your entire organization, and implemented immediately across different offices — with only minimal user training required.

Run Your Fax Infrastructure Centrally

Access to a cloud fax solution provides unlimited on-demand cloud scalability. Manage all faxes centrally from one account to deliver streamlined multi-user access to your entire organization.

With smart ways to electronically manage your important business documents, MyFax Corporate removes the burden on premise-based IT resources. Our Internet-based fax solution features a centralized virtual environment that uses email, Web interfaces, and software to efficiently manage your business’s sensitive fax documents for improved productivity.


Improve Workflow

Sending faxes the old-fashioned way can severely degrade workflow processes and impede the flow of business-critical information inside and outside of your organization.

MyFax offers a cloud fax solution that makes sharing, editing, and managing business-critical documents simpler. It can be fully integrated into existing workflows without additional hardware or software.

Route your organization’s business-critical documents to a network file share, and hold it there until you’re ready to delete it or access it again in the future.

Due to the capacity, scalability, and reliability of MyFax, you can quickly and effortlessly move important business documents among your teams and offices without negatively affecting workflows.

Sharing information and connecting teams across different digital environments is easy with MyFax Corporate — and is more cost-effective than traditional faxing.

MyFax Corporate

Reduce Costs

With MyFax Corporate your organization can move beyond the restrictive physical limitations of on-site fax machines and fax servers to work in all-digital environments that don’t require additional hardware or software to purchase, install, manage, or maintain.

Digital faxing lets your business eliminate costly fax lines, fax machines, and fax servers. It also reduces paper waste by eliminating the need to print documents before sending while improving productivity and efficiency. The reduction in power consumption helps improve your organization’s collective carbon footprint.

Sharing documents among project teams, offices, and clients is certainly greener when done via the cloud.

Getting Started

Whether your organization is local, national, or international, one of the simplest ways to strengthen the flexibility of your communications infrastructure is to include digital cloud faxing.

Cloud faxing lets you boost productivity, streamline workflows, and drive down costs. It is simple to implement across offices and doesn’t require a complete financial or technological overhaul of existing communications systems and infrastructures.

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