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MyFax is the most convenient way to send and receive faxes. Whether you're an occasional fax user or the owner of a thriving business, MyFax is packed with tools to help you streamline your business communications.

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Your Choice of Fax Numbers

MyFax® gives you plenty of fax number options to get a number that's just right for your businses, whether it's local, toll free, or international. You can also transfer your existing fax number to eliminate the cost of your landline.

Local Fax Number

Select a fax number with a local area code to present the image of a trusted neighborhood business.

Toll Free Fax Numbers

Choose a toll free fax number if you want to project the image of a larger business. Customers will also be more inclined to contact you because they know they won't be charged for the call.

International Fax Numbers

You can select an international fax number if you want to establish a presence in one of the dozens of countries around the world where MyFax offers fax numbers.