Get a Toll Free, Local or International Fax

Your fax number can say a lot about your business. Select a local number to give the image of a service provider who
knows the area and can be trustworthy to customers.

Choose a toll free number to give the impression of a big, established company with a national or worldwide presence.

MyFax® Helps Alex Give the Right Business Image

Local Fax Number

Choose from a range of available local numbers. This is ideal for businesses that want to target local clients and prospects, and present a neighborhood image.

Toll Free Fax Number

If you want to compete with larger businesses, look more established, or just make it easier for customers to contact you, you can get a toll free fax number.

International Fax Number

If you have prospects or customers in another country, MyFax offers an international fax number option. Choose from numbers in dozens of countries so you can establish a virtual presence anywhere.
You might be like Alex, someone who could be a successful real estate broker working with local clients, buyers and sellers from out of state, and clients relocating from the UK for work. For Alex, this was a good reason to have three business fax numbers – one local, one toll free and another international number.
MyFax lets her have all three numbers so she can present the right business image to the right client.

The Benefits of Choosing a Fax Number That's Right for You

Your MyFax account moves and grows with you. If you’re relocating to a new city, use your existing MyFax number or create a new account with that city’s area code. You can also add more fax numbers in different locations to present a bigger image.
If your customer base is local, a local fax number might be right for you. If you want to widen your business’s reach, you’d benefit more from a toll free fax number, or even an international number. Whichever you select, MyFax helps you present the professional image that best fits your business.
MyFax account costs far less than a landline, traditional fax machine, and the supplies required to keep it running.

Thanks to MyFax, Alex Has a Business Fax Number for All of Her Clients

For years, Alex settled for a single local business fax number because she didn’t know she could have more than one number for her business. When she discovered MyFax, she realized she could have all three.

Now Alex has a local number with her city’s most well-known area code to reinforce her promise that she is a local broker who can help clients find the best residence for their needs. Her toll free number lets her project the image of an established firm, and makes it easier for out-of-state clients to contact her. Alex’s UK-based number sends the message that Alex’s firm is international and has experience serving clients coming from out of the country.

Doing business with each type of client is more convenient than ever for Alex since she can present the right image to the right client.