Share with 5

Share Fax with Multiple Users

The MyFax Share With 5 feature lets you send and receive faxes using up to 5 different email
addresses from a single MyFax Account.
If you have multiple email accounts or you want to share your fax service with your colleagues, MyFax
Share With 5 is a great way to streamline your business.

MyFax® Share With 5 Lets Neil’s Team Share a Single Fax Number

Send Faxes from 5 Email Addresses

Using the Share With 5 feature, you can allow 5 people to send online faxes from a single MyFax account. You can also use Share With 5 for your own email accounts. This can include your corporate email when you’re in the office and your personal email when you’re at home.

Receive Faxes at 5 Email Addresses

You can receive faxes at multiple email accounts at the same time. Share With 5 lets you have every inbound fax delivered to several colleagues or to your own email addresses to ensure someone always sees and can respond to your faxes.

Update Your Authorized MyFax Emails as Often as You Want

MyFax’s online MyAccount portal makes it easy to add, change or remove your authorized email addresses anytime.
Neil represents a young, confident founder of a small but growing tech business. He likes knowing that anyone on his team can receive and send faxes by email using a single, affordable MyFax account. Since the entire team uses the same number for their digital faxes. Neil knows that his company maintains a consistent business image, no matter which of his colleagues sends or receives a fax.

The Benefits of MyFax Share With 5

If you have multiple team members, you don’t need to pay for multiple online fax accounts. With MyFax® you share full online fax capability among 5 colleagues on a single, cost-effective account.
With MyFax®, even if you can’t respond to a fax right away, someone on your team can. Because your coworkers can all fax using the same business fax number, you maintain a consistent, professional image.

When you’re on the road and can’t easily send a fax, you can have one of your colleagues back at the office send the fax from their email address.

Since you can forward your inbound faxes to your team you’ll never have to worry if your important faxes are being addressed.

Share With 5 Makes Faxing by Email Easy and Affordable For Neil

To keep his software business growing, Neil spends most of his time meeting with prospects, customers, and investors. This makes it difficult for Neil to respond promptly to important faxes.
After Neil signed up for an online fax account with MyFax®, he could respond to his faxes quickly from anywhere. When Neil can’t answer or send a fax, he can use MyFax’s Share With 5. Now anyone on Neil’s team can send and receive faxes by email with the same MyFax account and business fax number. MyFax® helps Neil keep his operating costs low, run his business efficiently and gives him the peace of mind that even if he can’t deal with an important business fax, his team can.