How Does MyFax Work?
Send & Receive Digital Faxes Online

MyFax is an innovative online fax services provider that allows you to transmit faxes online through email, computers and mobile devices. This flexibility will enable you to fax whenever you want at just about any location.


If you’re interested in trying out this invaluable service, here is everything you need to know about sending a digital fax with MyFax.

What Is My Fax?

MyFax is an internet-based fax service provider that facilitates the transmission of faxes through a local, toll-free or international fax number. It was developed to provide a simple alternative to traditional fax machines.


MyFax provides busy professionals with the convenience and financial advantages that come with the ability to receive and send a fax online. Because everything is handled in the cloud, there is no need for any software or specialized equipment.


MyFax is loaded with various features that assist you in streamlining how your organization communicates. These include fax by email, archiving and sending fax online from up to five email addresses, faxing to 50 different fax numbers and accessing the MyFax mobile app to keep you on the go. Through its apps for Android and iOS, you can check your faxes and send and receive them from anywhere with your smartphone.


You can send or receive faxes in the convenient format of PDF files, which can be accessed, stored, printed, and sent without ever leaving your inboxes. The Fax Archive platform keeps incoming and outgoing faxes available to you at any time.


MyFax offers monthly and annual memberships, with customer service accessible by email support & chat, knowledge base articles and frequently asked questions.

Getting Started
With MyFax

Creating a new MyFax account is a fast and straightforward process, even when beginning from scratch. However, when porting a number, you will need to create a new account with a temporary fax number.
This simple setup means the system may begin serving its purpose immediately after creating an account. It is recommended to import contacts from email clients and choose which of your email addresses should be used for transmitting faxes by email before faxing, since physical fax machines are not supported.

Selecting a Fax Number
with MyFax

Clients of MyFax have access to a vast selection of local numbers, and they can choose to have their numbers located in the United States, Canada or nearly any other country. Additionally, when picking a fax number in the United States or Canada, you can choose a local or toll-free number.
Porting your number is also available. When you sign up for MyFax, you’ll have the option to move your current fax number over. You can save money, time and headaches by using your existing fax number for the extensive faxing services offered at MyFax. Follow the steps below to get started:

Sending and Receiving Your Faxes

With MyFax, you can send or receive fax by email, online or through the MyFax mobile app.


Log onto your MyFax account online to fax, upload attachments and compose personalized cover letters. The online platform has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Your inbox will serve as a central repository for any faxes you receive. This allows you to maintain a consolidated repository of your customers’ files that you can easily access whenever necessary.

By Email

Faxes can also be sent using email. Select up to five different email addresses to use with your MyFax account as outgoing senders. With this feature, you can send and receive faxes from both business and home accounts. Your professional fax number will be displayed on the recipient’s end regardless of what email address you used for sending.

Faxes may also be received through email. You can register up to five different email accounts with MyFax. This means that when a fax arrives, it will be sent to each email you choose. You may configure your account so that all incoming faxes are routed to both your colleagues and your personal email addresses.

By Email

You may wonder how to fax from iPhone or other mobile device. You can check your faxes, add attachments and send or receive them all from the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere. It allows you to get more work done from any location.

MyFax makes this process easy. MyFax provides its customers with added convenience by using a mobile app available by download for free on iOS and Android devices. This feature allows customers to:

  • Access both phone and MyFax’s contact list

  • Manage your faxes and filter them using keywords

  • Send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere

Why Choose MyFax?

There are many valuable benefits of using MyFax for your digital faxing needs.


You will have access to toll-free and local numbers in the United States and international numbers, allowing you to establish a virtual presence in many other countries. The kind of number, which may be connected to a maximum of five separate emails, is selected when the account is first created. So no matter the faxing method you use, whether it be online, email or mobile app, you are able to appear local or international depending on your preference.

With features like personalized folders, tags and a search bar, MyFax makes handling your faxes online a breeze. Additionally, users won’t have trouble sending messages to people in their address books since the iOS and Android mobile app effectively distinguishes the address book of the user’s device from their MyFax account without requiring them to switch between address books.


The MyFax app is essentially a scaled-down version of the online account, with one key difference: the app can deliver push alerts the minute a fax message appears in the online account.

You can send a single fax to as many as fifty different numbers simultaneously with MyFax. MyFax allows everyone to do what was previously only attainable via a fax broadcasting service. This applies to online faxing via online, email or mobile app. MyFax’s fax to 50 feature allows users to concurrently send a fax to up to 50 different fax numbers. Additionally, MyFax’s Share With 5 enables teams to use a single account to send faxes from as many as five different email addresses, receive faxes in several inboxes at once and manage approved email addresses in bulk from a central location.
MyFax is keeping up with the times by releasing a fax app for mobile devices for the convenience of its users. It is one of the best applications you can enjoy since it is quick and straightforward to use.

This service helps you port your fax number to MyFax. While your existing dedicated fax line is being switched to a virtual line, you will be provided with a temporary number to continue receiving faxes simultaneously. So whether you choose online, email or mobile app for faxing, you can always use an existing fax number.

MyFax is compatible with 178 different file formats. This includes all the usual formats you can think of, such as TXT, JPG, BMP, PDF, RTF and other forms used less often for word processors, spreadsheet applications and database management programs.

MyFax will keep a copy of your documents for up to a year by default. You can tag your faxes with essential keywords. If your fax line gets incoming faxes from many departments, the archiving and labeling system will be of great use to you. Simply search for your important faxes by keyword to find your important documents instantly.

The user interface design at MyFax is straightforward and efficient. MyFax does not need you to be a computer genius to send faxes.


If you already know how to send faxes, you should have no trouble utilizing MyFax. If you encounter any problems, you may ask for assistance from the technical support team by contacting them.

MyFax’s live chat allows customers to speak with a representative immediately about any issue. In addition to monthly updates and chat availability, MyFax may be reached via its many social media channels.

MyFax provides excellent alternatives to email, which may take up to a few hours to get a response, for static support. The site-based and account-based Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections and the two user manuals are comprehensive and will answer many common consumer questions.

MyFax provides hundreds of free fax cover sheets & templates that may be customized and used for your outgoing faxes.

Start Faxing Now

MyFax is an excellent option for small companies that want extra features besides standard internet faxing. Customers will undoubtedly appreciate MyFax’s user-friendly design and impressive set of features.


Ready to get started? Start sending fax online in two minutes. Sign up today and see for yourself everything that MyFax has to offer.