Fax by Email

Fax by Email

With your MyFax service, you can send and receive faxes no matter where you are. All you need is
an email address and an internet connection.

MyFax® Helps Sean Do More Business Using Email to Fax

Send Faxes by Email

With MyFax, sending a fax is simple. Compose a new message from any email platform, enter your recipient’s fax number, attach your fax documents, and hit Send.

Receive Faxes by Email

MyFax will deliver your inbound faxes to up to five addresses. Faxes are delivered as PDF files, which you can easily view, print, save & forward right from your email.

For Sean, who could be a sales rep always on the go, being able to fax by email means he spends less time searching “Where can I send a fax near me?” and more time focusing on his accounts.

The Benefits of Faxing by Email with MyFax

The ability to fax by email means you can do more business on the road and take care of all your faxing needs wherever you have an Internet connection.
MyFax lets you fax without paper, redialing or waiting. Just open a new email message and attach your documents.

Faxing online with MyFax means no longer paying for a dedicated phone line, fax machine, ink, paper, and maintenance costs.

You don’t need a fax machine or any fax software. Turn your email into a full-service business fax solution.

You don’t need to wait around for faxes to arrive or run back to the office to send a fax. With MyFax, you can fax from anywhere – all you need is email.


MyFax: Sean's Secret Weapon for Productivity

Since his company set up online faxing accounts with MyFax, Sean has become more efficient. He’s now more responsive to customers and prospects, and has closed more business deals than ever.
Sean no longer has to wait in his office for an important fax to come in, or race to a copy store to fax a time-sensitive contract. He now spends his time where it counts the most – on the road meeting with customers. When Sean needs to fax, he just opens up his email to fax.