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How to Fax from Computer

It’s easy to send and receive faxes from your desktop or laptop computer using a MyFax digital faxing account. 

Online faxing is faster, more reliable, more convenient and more cost-effective than faxing using a traditional fax machine. You don’t need printer paper, toner, a landline or a clunky machine. You can send faxes to anyone in the world using your computer in just a few clicks. 

It all starts with a MyFax digital fax account. From there, this is how digital faxing works

How to Fax from a Windows Computer 

Many of us use Windows computers in our daily workflow, so it makes sense to incorporate your faxing solution into this system. You can also manage your faxes, view your fax history and stored documents, share faxes with colleagues and check the status of faxes — all from your computer. The MyFax portal is easy to use and gives you access to a wide range of features. Sending faxes from this service is simple:  

Fax from Windows in 5 steps   

  1. Sign up for a MyFax account
  2. Login to your MyFax Central portal on Chrome or Internet Explorer
  3. Click “Send Fax” 
  4. Compose a fax and upload your documents 
  5. Hit send 

How to Fax from a Mac computer

Mac users can also send faxes with ease from your workstation or MacBook. The process is the same, no matter what type of operating system you work from. 

Fax from a Mac in 5 steps 

  1. Sign up for a MyFax account
  2. Login to your MyFax Central portal on Safari or Chrome
  3. Click “Send Fax” 
  4. Compose a fax and upload your documents 
  5. Hit send 

How to Fax from your Email

The versatile MyFax system also allows users to send faxes by email. All you need to do is connect your MyFax account to your email address. 

Fax from Email in 5 steps

  1. Sign up for a MyFax account using the email address you want to send faxes from
  2. Type [faxnumber] in the “To” field 
  3. Type a subject and the cover page of your fax into the email body 
  4. Attach the documents you want to fax 
  5. Click send 

It’s that easy to send faxes to any fax machine or digital fax recipient using email. You can also have your faxes forwarded directly to your email inbox.

Start Faxing From your Computer Today

Faxing from your computer using email or the web-based MyFax Central portal is easy, convenient and fast. You can tag and search your sent or received faxes, manage your documents, see usage reports and send and receive faxes — all without the hassle of analog fax machines, fax paper and toner, or even a landline. 

MyFax allows you to send or receive faxes from anywhere, at any time, using any internet-connected device. 

Sign up for a Myfax account and start faxing online today. 

Faxing from a Computer FAQs

Can I fax from my computer?

Yes, it’s easy to send or receive faxes on your computer using a digital fax solution like MyFax. You’ll be able to track, manage, and store your faxed documents and access them from anywhere using your desktop or laptop. Online faxing is easy no matter what operating system you use — Mac or PC, Windows or iOS — MyFax works with them all.  

Can I fax through my computer without a phone line?

You won’t need a phone line when you use a digital fax solution through your computer. MyFax works over the internet, so you can do away with traditional landlines, fax machines, fax paper and toner. Any internet-connected device can send or receive faxes using an online fax portal or even your email inbox. The days of analog faxing are gone, thanks to computer fax solutions. 

Can I fax a document from my computer?

You can fax any document from your computer using a digital fax account from MyFax. Simply attach your documents to your fax in the MyFax Central web-based portal or append one to an email using the address you listed in your MyFax account. Documents you can fax from a computer include Word, PDF, Excel, Doc and even image files. You can also store and manage your documents in your online MyFax portal to make it easier to find and track faxes. 

Can I receive a fax on my computer?

Inbound faxes are viewable on your computer either in your email inbox or in the web-based MyFax Central portal. That means you can receive your faxes on your Mac or Windows computer with ease, and you don’t have to worry about tying up a landline or paying for expensive fax paper and ink — just log in to your MyFax account to retrieve your received faxes online. 

Can I send a fax from my computer for free?

You can send faxes without paying for each one from your computer. The number of faxes you can send will depend on your MyFax account subscription plan. There are completely free digital fax services online, but they don’t offer the same document management, security or reliability of a dedicated digital fax solution. A computer fax solution is far less expensive than a traditional analog fax because you don’t have to maintain a landline, pay for consumables like paper and toner or buy a separate machine. 

How to fax from computer?

Sign up for a MyFax digital fax account to send faxes from your computer. You can compose faxes in the online, web-based portal or send faxes from your email inbox to [faxnumber] You can receive faxes in the same way, either to your computer or your portal. MyFax users can fax with ease from any computer connected to the internet. Just open your browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer on Windows PCs or Safari on Mac and MacBook iOS machines and log in to your MyFax internet fax account. 


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