Port Your Fax Number

Port Your Fax Number to MyFax

Already have a fax number for our business that you want to keep? Start faxing online today and we’ll transfer your existing fax number over to MyFax.

Benefits of Porting Your Fax Number

Enjoy all the great features of an online fax service without having to change the fax number you’ve already established for your business.


Keep Your Clients Happy

Porting or transferring your existing fax number over to MyFax means you get to keep using the same fax number all your customers and clients are familiar with. Plus, keeping your current fax number lets you avoid having to update your business cards or website with a new number.

Same Old Fax Number- Brand New Features

Say goodbye to fax machines forever! When you sign up for MyFax, you not only get to keep your old fax number, but now you get to send and receive faxes by email on your computer, tablet or phone from wherever you are. Your clients and customers can expect faster, more reliable service.

Ready to Port Your Number?



Confirm with your carrier that you can port your fax number.



If yes, call us toll-free at
(866) 378-2373 or email us at
[email protected]



Complete the form we email you asking
for your name, address, fax number,
carrier name and account number.

After you complete and return our form, we will contact your carrier to complete the transfer. In the meantime, we’ll provide you with a temporary fax number so you can start faxing online today!
Experience all the great features MyFax offers without changing the fax number your clients rely on!


Fax number porting is when you transfer your current fax number over to a new service, such as MyFax.

When you already have an established number for your business, it’s more beneficial to keep the number you have.

Call your carrier to confirm that your existing fax number is eligible for transfer. If yes, email us at [email protected].

It may take 4-6 weeks and you’ll be provided with a temporary number in the meantime.

Just choose a new local or toll free fax number with MyFax and disconnect your existing fax number.

Get started faxing online with MyFax while keeping
your current fax number!