Where Can I Send a
Fax Near Me?

Looking for a safe, reliable fax service so you can send that last-minute document?

While many small businesses don't keep their own fax machines anymore (too bulky! too expensive! too much paper!), there are some places where you can fax locally.

Time sensitive document to fax, and it's nearly 5:00PM?

You're not alone! If you're on the hunt for a local fax service, here's where you should start your search. Remember that not all of these locations will have fax capabilities, so make sure to call first!

Or to avoid the hassle and get faxing right away, just use an online fax service like MyFax to send and receive faxes.

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Where can I fax a letter near me?

There are some reliable places to find fax services near you in many parts of the world.

Office supply stores

Some places that sell fax machines like Office Depot, Office Max, or Staples have business centers that offer print and fax services.

Bank or credit union

Some banks will fax for their customers, but they may not offer faxing to the general public.

Shipping offices

The UPS Store, FedEx, and Postal Annex may offer faxing among their customer services.

The local library

Your library branch may have a fax machine that you can use.

Always call or check online to see if these businesses have fax machines. Some UPS and FedEx locations, for example, are just for shipping and may not offer faxing services.

When you find a fax service near you, the price may surprise you! These services can charge $1-$2 per page to fax locally, $2-$3 per page to fax nationally, and up to $4-$8 per page for international faxes! So these fax service costs can add up quickly.

Where can I go to fax a document while I travel?

What if you're out of town and need to send a fax in a hurry? Here's a list of businesses and stores where you may be able to send or receive a fax.

Hotel or hostel

Your hotel or hostel may offer faxing, especially if they have a business center. It may be free, or they may charge a fee.

Office supply stores

Some Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples stores will help you send a fax.

Shipping centers

Some UPS, FedEx, or Postal Annex locations have fax services.


Some airports have business centers that include fax machines.

Some countries fax more than others. In Japan, for example, faxing is a major communication method, so it may be easier to find a fax machine there than in the U.S. And if you're not in an urban area, you may have trouble finding a local fax service when you're on the road.

Can I fax at Walgreens?

Walgreens and CVS don't offer fax services, so no luck there!

Some independent convenience stores might have a fax machine, so you may need to ask around or do a Google search to find one.

Can I send a fax at a post office?

Most post offices don't offer fax services anymore. Instead, look to independent business centers like UPS, FedEx, or Postal Annex.

Where can I receive a fax near me?

You can receive faxes at FedEx, UPS, Postal Annex, and some office supply stores. Of course, you'll need to contact the store first, so you can give the fax number to the person who wishes to fax you.

And make sure you're present when the fax comes through, or who knows might read it...yikes!

Is there an easier way to fax near me?

When you're in a rush to fax a document, you don't want to be frantically Googling "fax services near me" and calling a list of stores to find a usable fax machine.

There is an easier way.

With online faxing, you bring your "fax machine" with you wherever you go — because you can fax from your computer, tablet, or smartphone — anywhere you have internet access.

Why use an online fax service?

Online faxing services give you flexibility to fax from anywhere, without finding a brick and mortar store.

Faxing online is:


No need to call or drive around looking for a fax machine. Fax on your schedule. Send and receive faxes any time of the day or night. Especially helpful if you work with international clients or vendors!


Send 100 pages with an online fax service for less than the cost of 10 pages at a business center.


No paper, ink, or toner necessary.

Safe and private

Online faxes live in your online portal or your email, where only you can see them. No more faxes printing on a fax machine where anyone walking by can pick them up.

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MyFax Online Fax Service

With MyFax, you can turn your computer or smartphone into a convenient, portable fax machine. No need to print anything — just instant sending and receiving right from the MyFax portal, mobile app, or your email.

With three different ways to fax, MyFax gives you the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use.

Why choose MyFax?

MyFax helps you save both time and money, and comes with all these features:

MyFax Online Portal

Access your portal from any device with a web browser and an internet connection to send and receive faxes, view your fax archive, see activity reports, and more.

Fax by Email

Send faxes through your email from any device that's connected to the internet. And receive faxes right to your inbox!

MyFax Mobile App

Easy to use right on your smartphone, so you can send and receive faxes on the go. For iOS and Android.

Easy cover sheets

Quickly attach a cover sheet to your fax without printing. Use one of our templates or create your own.


Rates start as low as $10 per month. No more paying for your faxes per page.


Save money with no fax machine, toner, paper, ink, phone line, or pricey repairs.

MyFax Archive

Automatically save all your incoming and outgoing faxes in the MyFax Archive for easy reference.

Free local, toll free, or international fax number

Choose whichever fax number option works best for you and your business.

Port your existing fax number

Keep your own fax number by porting it over to MyFax, while still cutting the cost of the dedicated fax line.

Fax to 50

Send a single fax to up to 50 recipients at once!

Share with 5

Share your fax number with up to five colleagues, so you can all send and receive faxes from the same number and keep your contact information consistent.

Outstanding customer service

Get 24/7 customer support from the MyFax team.

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