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Faxing Services Near Me


Looking for a safe, reliable fax service so you can send that last-minute document?

While many small businesses don’t keep their own fax machines anymore (too bulky! too expensive! too much paper!), there are some places where you can fax locally.

Time sensitive document to fax, and it's nearly 5:00PM?

You’re not alone! If you’re on the hunt for a local fax service, here’s where you should start your search. Remember that not all of these locations
will have fax capabilities, so make sure to call first!


Or to avoid the hassle and get faxing right away, just use an online fax service like MyFax to send and receive faxes.



Where Can I Fax a Document Near Me?

No matter where you live, you can find places nearby to send and receive faxes. If you don’t own a fax machine, you can choose from several options.

Office Supply Stores

Some fax machine retailers, such as Office Max, Staples and Office Depot, have outlets offering print and fax services. Most office supply businesses allow you to send faxes. However, the fee normally ranges between $1.50 and $15 for each fax, depending on the number of pages.

Bank or Credit Union

Many financial institutions like banks and credit unions still provide fax services, which are often free of charge for their clients. Some financial institutions will send faxes on behalf of their clients, but they may not make this service available to the general public.

Shipping Offices

Several office supply chains and shipping companies also provide fax services. You can utilize the fax services offered by FedEx, Postal Annex and UPS Store and let these companies handle the rest of your business needs.

The Local Library

You may be able to use the fax machine at your local library. In most libraries, faxes may only be sent, not received. Only toll-free and local numbers may be used to send faxes. Although many libraries have their own fax machines available, they don’t always provide fax services to the general public.

Always call or check online to see if these businesses have fax machines. Some UPS and FedEx locations, for example, are just for shipping and may not offer faxing services.

When you find a fax service near you, the price may surprise you! These services can charge $1-$2 per page to fax locally, $2-$3 per page to fax nationally, and up to $4-$8 per page for international faxes! So these fax service costs can add up quickly.

Where Can I Go to Fax a Document While I Travel?

How do you send a fax when you’re on the road? Listed below are locations where you may be able to send or receive faxes.

Hotel or hostel

Many hotels or hostels have fax machines that are available around the clock. In most hotels, sending and receiving faxes costs roughly $3 per minute (or about $1.50 per page), plus the phone call cost when sending a fax. However, some hotels charge as much as $4 per minute.

Office supply stores

Office Depot, Staples and Office Max, which sell fax machines, provide business centers where customers may print and fax documents.

Shipping centers

Faxing may be offered by FedEx, Postal Annex or UPS as a customer service.


Additionally, airports are places where many people travel in and out. Larger airports may have a business center where you can send or receive faxes. At a smaller airport, you may inquire with flying schools and charter companies to see if they can help with your faxing needs.

Some countries fax more than others. In Japan, for example, faxing is a major communication method, so it may be easier to find a fax machine there than in the U.S. If you’re not in an urban area, you may have trouble finding a local fax service when you’re on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about where to find online faxing services.

Can I Fax at Walgreens?

Walgreens may be a one-stop-shop for all your pharmaceutical and personal care requirements, but it does not provide fax service as of this writing. They also have no self-service fax machines accessible for clients to utilize. Some convenience stores may have fax machines, so look around or do a quick Google search to discover one.
Can i Fax Walgreens
can i send fax post office

Can I Send a Fax at a Post Office?

Most post offices in the U.S. provide copying and faxing services in addition to standard postal offerings. If you live in the U.S., you may use a post office locator to locate a post office in your neighborhood. You may also use FedEx, Postal Annex or UPS if there isn’t a fax machine at your local post office.

Where Can I Receive a Fax Near Me?

You may receive faxes at FedEx, the Postal Annex, UPS and various office supply companies. If someone wants to fax you anything, you’ll need to make an appointment with the shop beforehand so they can give you their fax number. Be there when the fax arrives, since you never know who could read it.
where can i receive fax near me

Is There an Easier Way to Fax Near Me?

You may have searched where to find faxing services near you on Google. Though you may have found some options, it is often a headache to find one that pans out. Finding a fax machine nearby is often very time-consuming. Not everyone has the time or patience to search for fax services near them and then phone each business on the list to try to locate one that works.


There is an easier way.

With online faxing, you bring your “fax machine” with you wherever you go — because you can fax from your computer, tablet, or smartphone — anywhere you have internet access.

Benefits of Online Fax Services

Online faxing services allow you to send faxes from almost any location without the need to visit a physical site. The following are some advantages of sending your fax through the internet.



There is no need to make a phone call or an unnecessary trip searching for a fax machine. You simply need to have a computer or mobile phone connected to the internet, apply for a subscription plan, install an application or open a web page on your browser and follow a few steps to finish the initial setup. This will allow you to make the most of the features of internet fax services. The entire process is straightforward, and you don’t need any specialized technical knowledge to get started.


When you use a cloud-based fax service, you won’t have to worry about wasting paper or incurring additional expenditures to maintain your fax machine. Additionally, you will no longer be required to be at your workplace to send or receive faxes.


You won’t need additional hardware when you use an online fax service. You may leave the phone line and the heavy equipment behind. A personal computer or a mobile device is all required to transmit faxes online.



Going paperless is becoming more and more necessary in an era when carbon emissions are skyrocketing. Online fax services do not need to use paper when sending or receiving faxed documents. You can complete everything via the internet and don’t need to print documents out.


Safe and private

The vast majority of internet fax providers use OpenSSL or other encryption technologies that are analogous to it to ensure that your data is delivered securely and that no one other than the sender and recipient can access the contents of faxes. On the other hand, given that there is no actual fax machine in the room, there is little chance that an unauthorized person may inadvertently get access to the fax that was received.

What Is MyFax Online Fax Service?

Using MyFax, you can transform your iOsAndroid or personal computer into a fax machine that is easy to use and portable. Instant sending and receiving may be accomplished directly from the MyFax site, your email or the mobile app. MyFax offers you the maximum versatility and convenience possible by providing you with various ways to send and receive.

Why Choose MyFax Online Fax Service?

MyFax enables you to make time and financial savings, and it comes equipped with all of these features:

Start Faxing Now

Even with the availability of new communications tools, faxing has remained a popular way to transmit documents between people and businesses. But online fax services have made file sharing much easier for many companies and individuals. Online faxing services let users connect and keep their information safe.


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