Android Fax App

How to Fax from an Android with MyFax App

Watch this quick video to see how MyFax lets you turn your Android phone or tablet into a portable business fax machine. We’ll show you how the MyFax Android Mobile App lets you send a fax in seconds, right from your mobile device.

Video Transcript

Turn your smart phone or tablet into a portable fax machine — with the MyFax® Android App. MyFax lets you create and send a fax in seconds, right from your mobile device. MyFax can help manage your contacts to make sending a fax easier. Then you can type a quick message to create a personalized cover page…and add up to 10 attachments for your fax.

You can attach documents, images, and various of other file types. And you can pull these files from you’re Android device – from your MyFax File Browser, and even from cloud storage tools like Dropbox or Google Drive. Only have a hardcopy of the document you want to fax? No problem! With MyFax, you can use your camera to scan documents in seconds. When your fax is ready, just hit Send. MyFax will deliver it immediately — and send you an email confirmation when your fax is sent.

Receiving and viewing faxes on your Android device is simple. Just tap to open your MyFax inbox, and you’ll see the faxes you’ve received. You can even print faxes from your device. MyFax also stores your faxes online for the life of your account, so you can easily find old faxes anytime.

Not a subscriber yet? Take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Download the MyFax App now, and start faxing right away!

The MyFax Android App. Just one more reason MyFax is faxing made simple.