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How To Fax Internationally: Steps To Follow

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Even in today’s digital age, fax remains one of the most reliable ways to send sensitive information. For companies doing business all across the world, it’s critical to have access to an online faxing solution — one that makes international faxing as easy as pressing a button. 

Online faxing solutions allow you to send documents internationally in just a few minutes. Even without a dedicated fax machine, you can still send faxes anywhere in the world through your computer, mobile phone, or other device. 

Sending a fax across the world doesn’t have to be hard, especially with an affordable international faxing solution like MyFax. If you want to learn how to fax internationally, here’s everything you need to know. 

Is It Possible to Fax Internationally?

The short answer is yes, it’s possible to send an international fax. But if you want to know exactly how to send an international fax, it gets a bit more complicated.

The basics of sending an international fax may look a lot like sending a domestic fax. For physical fax machines, you still need to follow all the steps to load paper and dial your fax number. For online faxing, you still need to log in and follow the appropriate steps to attach and send a file. 

The difference between domestic and international faxes comes down to the fax number. Before sending a fax to another country, you first need to know their separate country code. While some countries have a one-digit country code, other countries have two-digit or three-digit codes you’ll need to include before sending. Without the correct country code, there’s no guarantee that your fax will be delivered correctly.

What Is an International Fax Number? 

While all fax numbers can receive international faxes, not all of them are considered to be international fax numbers. An international fax number doesn’t have an international prefix or international dialing code. Instead, it’s just a straightforward 10-digit number. Removing the extra step of dialing country codes can make things easier for customers and business partners alike. 

With that being said, you don’t need an international number to fax internationally. It’s just a way to simplify the process if your work often takes you to other countries. 

4 Steps to Fax Internationally With an Online Service

While traditional faxing still has a role in many offices, online faxing is quickly taking over — and it’s easy to see why. With cloud-based faxing from MyFax, sending and receiving international faxes is as easy as following a few simple steps. 

Ready to learn how to send an international fax? Here are the four steps you need to follow. 

Choose an Online Fax Service that Supports International Faxing

First, you need to double-check your online fax service. Not all services offer the same faxing features, including international faxing. 

With a service like MyFax, however, international faxing isn’t just supported — it’s prioritized. Choose from a list of hundreds of different countries and locations, from Afghanistan all the way to Antarctica. 

Upload Documents

Once you’ve chosen the perfect online faxing solution, it’s time to turn on your computer or other device, make an account and log in. MyFax offers a web-based portal that makes sending and receiving faxes right from your web browser on any device easy. Open the portal and start the process of sending a fax. Then, upload the documents in the order you want them sent. 

Enter the Recipient’s Information

Next, enter the recipient’s information. Enter their fax number, including the country code. Make sure to always double-check that your country code is correct before you send. 

To make it even easier, MyFax stores all your contacts in one place. If you’ve faxed them before, you don’t have to worry about typing in a lengthy number. Just select your contact and get ready to send the fax. 

Initiate Fax Transmission

Finally, it’s time to transmit your fax. With an online solution like MyFax, this is as easy as pressing “send.” Everything from the number of pages to the strength of your WiFi connection can impact the send time, but most faxes will be sent and received in a matter of minutes. 

For most international faxes, keep in mind that there may be a separate fee for each country. You’ll have to pay a send rate for each page, depending on what you’re sending and where. 

How to Fax Internationally With Traditional Fax Machines

If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, traditional fax machines can still get the job done. To send international faxes via a fax machine, you’ll need to follow these steps: 

  1. Gather the document(s) you want to send and organize them in the right order.
  2. Insert the pages into the document feeder in order.
  3. Dial your country’s exit code.
  4. Dial the receiving country’s code and then the city area code and fax number. 
  5. Press send to start the fax transmission. 

Advantages of International Online Fax Solutions vs. Traditional Faxing

Fax machines first gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s as a staple way to send and receive documents. Thanks to its reliability and security, it became the preferred way to send important files, especially for sensitive industries like healthcare. 

While faxing is still an important part of communication strategies for many businesses, it looks a lot different now than it did before. The introduction of online faxing kept the best parts of traditional faxing but introduced a host of new benefits too. 

While traditional faxing relies on big, inconvenient fax machines that tie faxing to the office, online faxing has none of those limitations. Fax from anywhere, at any time, with almost any device (and without a landline). 

Leaving the physical fax machine behind has other benefits too. It saves money on printing and maintenance while also cutting down on the excess paper around the office. Instead of organizing your documents in bulky filing cabinets or messy drawers, everything is automatically stored in a cloud-based system for easy searching and organizing. 

Easily Fax Internationally With MyFax

International faxing isn’t just possible with online fax services — it’s easy. Just choose which country you want to send to, and let MyFax take care of the rest. We’ll direct you to the right country code and simplify page rates so all you have to do is enjoy a fast, streamlined fax experience. Start sending international faxes with MyFax today


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