How To Use a Fax Machine Without a Phone Line

An image of a computer and a mobile device, either of which can be used to send a fax without a phone line.

Before the advent of the internet, you couldn’t fax without a landline. Back then, people had to connect their fax machines to an analog phone line to send fax documents. Faxing using traditional fax machines was protracted and convenient at the same time, considering the technology available. 

Fast forward to today, and faxing is seamless, cordless, and paperless, thanks to online fax service providers like MyFax. The beauty of it all is that faxing online without a business phone line is even safer because of end-to-end data encryption. 

Here’s how to use a fax machine without a phone line. 

Do You Need a Dedicated Fax Line for Your Business?

Today, you don’t need a dedicated landline to fax documents if you turn to an online fax provider. You simply need an internet connection to send and receive faxes by email. A dedicated landline is only required if you choose traditional faxing over online faxing. 

You would be doing your business a great disservice, however, if you opt for traditional faxing and miss out on the convenience and simplicity offered by online faxing. It explains why tech-savvy companies in the health, law, and insurance sectors prefer email faxing when sending sensitive documents. 

How To Fax Without a Landline Using an Online Fax Service

Here’s how to fax without a phone line in four simple steps:

1. Research Online Fax Providers

The online fax service market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.03% between 2022 and 2027. Like in any other market, the promise of such an ambitious growth rate attracts many online fax providers seeking to capitalize on the upward spiral. 

Some of these providers may be new players in the market, while some, like MyFax, are established fax providers with decades of experience. Although you may find new providers with excellent services, experienced providers may be your best bet regarding data encryption capacity, cloud infrastructure, and features. 

And it’s because it takes substantial time, expertise, and resources to build the robust infrastructure required to facilitate internet faxing. Ideally, providers with well-established faxing systems are better positioned to offer consistent online fax services. 

After you’ve made a list of the prospective providers you wish to work with, you can then select one who’s the best fit for your faxing needs, as explained below.

2. Choose a Provider and Plan That Fits Your Needs

Every business has a list of the must-have features they want from a fax provider. Here are some of the essential features you should consider when selecting a fax provider: 

  • Large file-sharing capacity: If you often fax large files like sales proposals, confirm if the provider can handle large file sizes without logjams. Compare the volume of files you fax during the peak season to the provider’s maximum file-sharing capacity. Your provider’s capacity should be on the higher end. 
  • Electronic signature capacity: This feature is handy when signing legally-binding contracts online. Your fax provider should allow you to quickly sign and obtain e-signatures for all your documents, including PDF documents. 
  • Cloud faxing capacity: Check if a provider has a dynamic cloud faxing solution to handle your scaling fax needs. Hosted cloud fax solutions substantially help maintain and boost your faxing convenience, especially if your business is snowballing. Thus, it’s a significant consideration factor. 
  • Mobile faxing capacity: Mobile faxing is one of the most delightful perks of online fax services. As such, the ideal provider should have a mobile fax app that allows you to fax from your mobile devices (both Android and iOS) without a phone line and fax machine. 

Ultimately, you’ll want to select the fax provider and the plan with all the fundamental features your business needs. Choosing the best-fit-for-purpose fax provider saves you on unnecessary costs, like buying expensive multifunction printers and paying administrative and legal fees associated with fax transmission errors. 

3. Use an App or Web Browser To Upload Your Fax Document

Once you select the right plan for your business and your account is activated, you can access your provider’s mobile fax app or use your web browser to upload the files and attachments you want to fax. A good provider should allow you to fax large files simultaneously to multiple recipients. For instance, with MyFax, you can send a fax message to 50 different recipients at the same time. 

4. Send Your Fax

After uploading your fax document to your online fax account, it’s time to send the fax. To do this, you’ll simply open your fax email account, click “Compose,” and input the recipient’s 10-digit online fax number into your email’s “To” section.

Write the subject line for the cover page, attach the documents you uploaded, and click send. Yes, it’s that simple. Using these easy-to-follow steps, you can fax without a phone line or a standard fax machine. Best of all? You can do this from your personal device, whether it be your cell phone or desktop computer.

Choose the Online Fax Provider That Is Right for Your Business

Ultimately, your fax provider will make or break your faxing experience. You don’t want a second-rate provider who ruins the beauty and magic of faxing without a phone line. It’s why established fax providers like MyFax go the extra mile to facilitate a smooth and seamless mobile faxing experience.

With MyFax, you’ll enjoy consistent flexibility, cost savings, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re a fledgling startup with basic faxing needs or a global corporation with complex requirements, you’ll find our faxing solutions more than sufficient. Sign up with MyFax today, and start your internet faxing journey on a high note.