Fax Without A Phone Line

Faxing Without a Landline

It’s time to start saving money by cutting the cord on the
phone line you use for your fax machine.

With MyFax, an internet fax solution, you don’t need a physical landline because you can easily send a fax without a phone line! This means you can fax without a fax machine too.


MyFax gives you three convenient options — web, email or mobile app — to fax without a landline.


And your faxes are still delivered to landline fax machines or internet fax services, just like they would be when faxing the traditional way.


How Does It Work?

It’s quick and simple to fax without a landline using MyFax.

First, you need to set up an account with MyFax. A great benefit of using MyFax is that it allows you to select the best type of fax number for your company.



Local Fax Numbers

Are you serving your local community? MyFax lets you select a fax number with the area code of the location you serve. Anyone who receives or sends a fax to you will know they are dealing with a local business.


Toll Free Fax Numbers

Establish credibility with a toll free fax number from MyFax. Having a toll free fax number tells others that you’re an established business.


International Fax Numbers

Are you doing business outside the country? Select an international fax number from the county that makes the most sense for you.


Keep Your Number

Do you have a fax number already? Then keep it. You can bring your current fax number to your new MyFax account.

How Do You Fax a Document?

There are multiple ways to send content online with MyFax.

You can send and receive faxes either using your email inbox or through the MyFax app for iPhone and Android.

Another option is to fax from the MyFax Central portal, which is a convenient browser-based option.

Fax on the Web

The MyFax Central web portal lets you send and receive faxes through your browser. It also gives you access to all your archived faxes and account details, so you can improve your workflow and work more efficiently.


Fax by Email

Never have to worry about the office fax machine again. MyFax lets you fax from any email platform, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.

Just open a new message and type in your recipient’s fax number with country code in the “To:” line. You’ll add then @send.myfax.com in this field at the end. Attach your documents, and hit send. If you have an email address and an internet connection, any device that accesses your email platform will allow you to send and receive faxes.

Fax with the App

You can send a fax anywhere in the world with the MyFax Mobile App. This iOS and Android app allows you to send or receive faxes without a landline. It also enables you to view faxes and take photos of documents you need to send.


All your faxing needs - without a landline

MyFax is your complete internet fax solution.

Faxing without a phone line made easy


The MyFax smartphone app - a virtual fax machine

Conveniently send and receive faxes online


Other MyFax features to help your business


Yes, you can! MyFax lets you send (and receive) faxes on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You don’t have to worry about a phone line or physical fax machine anymore, including spending money on maintenance and paper costs.

Faxing from your phone is easy with MyFax. You can download our iOS or Android app for your smartphone. The app lets you send and receive faxes, view faxes that you sent or received before, take pictures of documents to be sent, and more.

No, but you probably don’t want to anyway. With MyFax, you can send and receive faxes online. The MyFax app lets you do everything from your smartphone. Or use your computer to easily attach a document and send a fax to your recipient from any email platform.


Get work done from anywhere

Do you want to know how to fax without a phone line?

MyFax is the answer for sending and receiving faxes, no matter where you are.

What professional number are you?

Get started by signing up for MyFax today. You’ll get your local, toll free or international number immediately so you can start sending and receiving faxes through email, the MyFax portal or the MyFax Mobile App.