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Below is a list of all 50+ countries you can send a fax using MyFax. This includes a list of those countries in the Free Faxing Zone (where no additional rates apply) and the international rates for the remainder of MyFax supported countries. 

For most of these countries you won't be charged a separate international rate for online faxes.

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Country Country Code Cost Per Page Currency
United States 1 $0.10 (USD)

* Value Added Tax (VAT) may apply to these prices depending on your country of residence. With toll-free numbers, all incoming pages are $0.10 (USD) a page and there are no free pages included. Send rates vary based on country. These rates apply to fax pagesthat take less than 60 seconds to transmit, which covers approximately 90% of all fax pages. Faxes, regardless of size, that take longer than 60 seconds to transmit will be billed on a per-minute basis instead of per page. All rates are listed and billed based on fax rates from the USA to their destination. No special offers apply. Value Added Tax(VAT) may apply to all changes depending on your country of residence.