How to Send a Fax from your iPhone

With the MyFax App for iOS, you can easily send faxes from your smartphone. This short video shows you how to attach files for faxing from your camera roll, documents folders, and cloud apps like Google Drive and Dropbox to easily fax from the mobile app.

Video Transcript

The MyFax® Mobile App for iOS makes it quick and easy to send faxes while on the go. From the Home screen of the MyFax iPhone App, tap Send Faxes.

On the next screen, the Send Fax screen, enter the recipient’s Number. Or, you can add a recipient from your MyFax Contacts or the device’s native Contacts list. To do this, tap the Add Contact button. From the Contacts screen choose either MyFax or Personal, then tap the contact’s name. Select the number to which the fax should be sent.

Toggle the Cover Page option on if you wish to include an introductory message and fill in the Attention, Company, Subject, and Notes fields. If you chose a pre-existing contact in the previous step, Attention and Company will be automatically filled using that contact’s information.

Tap the Add File button to add files to the fax before sending, then choose one of three options: Documents (to add non-image files), Camera Roll (to add images already saved on the device), or Camera (to take a photo of a hard copy document).

To add more files, simply tap Add File again for each new file. Files can be rearranged by tapping and dragging on the attachment handles. To delete a file, swipe across the file from right to left, then tap Delete.

When all files have been added, tap Send. MyFax will send a confirmation receipt to the default send email address listed in your account settings.

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