How to Send a Fax Through Email

Sending a fax with MyFax is as easy as sending an email. Compose an email in the format of [email protected], type a cover page in the email body, attach files you want faxed, and hit send.

Video Transcript

Sending a fax with MyFax® is as easy as sending an email. To get started, open a new message in any email application.

In the To: field, enter the recipient’s fax number in the format of [email protected]. Be sure to include both the country code and area code with no spaces, dashes or other punctuation between. If you wish to include a cover page with the fax, enter a brief subject in the Subject line and the text of the cover page in the Body of the email.

To add documents to the fax, click on the Attachments button. Within the File Upload window, browse for the file or files. Highlight them and click Open.

When all files have been attached, click Send.

MyFax will send a confirmation receipt verifying successful transmission or notifying you of any error in the transmission. This confirmation will be sent to the email address from which you sent the fax.

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