How to Receive a Fax with the iOS App

With the MyFax app for iOS, you can view your incoming faxes right on your smartphone or tablet. This short video demonstrates how with just a couple of clicks, you can view, save and forward inbound faxes from your MyFax app.

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Video Transcript

Faxes received through your MyFax® account can be viewed on your iPhone using the MyFax Mobile app.

From the Home screen of the MyFax iPhone App, tap on View Faxes to access the Inbox. Faxes are listed in reverse chronological order with the sender's caller ID as the subject.

Tap on a fax to open it. At the top of the fax, the time and date of transmission are printed along with the number of pages. To flip back and forth between pages, simply swipe your finger left to right across the screen.

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