Receive Fax to Email

With MyFax, viewing your inbound faxes is as easy as checking your email. This video shows you how convenient it is to view, save and forward incoming faxes from your email. You can even have inbound faxes sent to multiple email addresses simultaneously.

Video Transcript

Viewing faxes with MyFax® can be as simple and convenient as checking your email. When a fax is received, it is forwarded by MyFax to your email address.

The email body includes the sender’s information, including the Caller ID, number of pages received, and the time of transmission. The actual fax is received as a file attachment. Double click on the attachment to open the fax in whatever image or pdf viewer is already installed on your computer. Faxes are received in either TIF or PDF formats and you can choose which you prefer to receive on the MyFax Central website.

In MyFax Central, you can also designate up to five email addresses at which to receive faxes. A copy of the fax will be sent to each one simultaneously, giving you access to your incoming faxes no matter where you are.

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