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How to Receive Faxes with MyFax

Katie, a busy consultant, uses MyFax to view important inbound business faxes while she’s on the go. She can access all of her faxes in the user-friendly web portal, in her email inbox, or on the MyFax Mobile App.

Video Transcript

Katie is a busy consultant and always on the go. But she prides herself on being responsive to clients at all times, even if they need her to review a fax while she’s on the road. That’s why Katie uses MyFax. With MyFax, she can receive faxes in 3 convenient ways: using the MyFax mobile appvia email, or online.

If you’re always on the go, like Katie, the MyFax Mobile App is the perfect companion to keep you connected even when you’re not in the office. Quickly access all your faxes from your smartphone or tablet.

You can also receive faxes by email. With MyFax, you can register up to five email addresses. This means each of the emails you assign will get a notification when a fax comes in. Katie has her account set up so all incoming faxes go to both her colleagues’ email and her own.

When you log into your MyFax Account Online, all your received faxes will be conveniently located in your inbox. This helps Katie keep all of her clients’ files organized in one central place, so she can access them at any time.

Millions have made MyFax their go-to online fax solution. Now you can too.

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