Fax Without A Fax Machine

Sending a Fax Without a Fax Machine

Sending a fax without a fax machine has become just
as easy as sending an email.


Goodbye Fax Machine

The fax machine was once seen as one of the most revolutionary technologies of its time. Individuals and businesses from all around the world were able to fax documents in a matter of seconds.

Yet traditional fax services have become burdensome and expensive in comparison to online faxing alternatives. Not only does a fax machine cost money, but you also have to pay for a phone line and increase your electric bill.

Nowadays, you can find online fax services that are cheaper and easier to use. With a computer, smartphone, and/or tablet, you can fax from your home, office, and even while you’re out grocery shopping or running errands.

An internet connection is all that you need to start receiving and sending fax online through MyFax’s faxing service.

How Does Online Faxing Work?

Your MyFax account lets you fax on multiple devices. You also get a free fax number for your business, or
you can keep your current fax number. Here are the main ways for sending and receiving a fax online:



The MyFax mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, is simple, convenient, and easy to use.


Desktop/Laptop Computers

MyFax Central is an online fax portal that allows you to manage your account, check your inbox, and send faxes from your computer.



Whether you’re on a smartphone or a desktop device, you can fax by email from anywhere with internet access.

3 Ways to Send Fax Without a Fax Machine

There are three different ways to easily and instantly fax documents through your MyFax account.

How Do I Receive a Fax Without a Fax Machine?

MyFax allows you to conveniently and securely receive a faxed document. Just as importantly, MyFax users enjoy online fax storage. They also get a free fax number.

Both your MyFax Central inbox and smartphone app contain all the faxes that you received. Moreover, you can have incoming faxes get forwarded to your email.

Once you receive a fax, you will get an email that shows you the recipient’s information, the number of pages that they sent, and an attachment that contains the faxed files.

the benefits of an online fax

The Benefits of an Online Fax Service vs Fax Machines

Thanks to online fax services like the ones that MyFax offers, you can send and receive faxes in an instant, convenient, and cost-efficient manner.

In comparison to traditional methods, here are some of the benefits of online faxing:

An internet connection is simply all that you need to start sending and receiving faxes on your computer, smartphone, and/or email.

You save money on buying fax machines and paying for a phone line. MyFax users also get a free business fax number.

Instead of having a fax machine print out documents for everyone in the office to see, online faxing allows you to directly receive files to the recipient’s email.

Simply put, online faxing doesn’t consume a lot of paper and electricity.

MyFax utilizes protective technologies so that you can safely send, receive, and store faxes.

Instead of going to the office, you can simply use your computer or smartphone to send a fax without a fax machine.

MyFax FAQs

Yes, you certainly can! Through our fax service, you can send faxes online. The process is much easier and quicker than traditional fax methods.

Your MyFax account allows you to send and receive faxes from your mobile device, desktop computer, and/or email.
Yes. Our app is ideal for both receiving faxes without a fax machine and sending documents from your mobile device. MyFax users also get a free fax number.
Yes. Our email faxing service is compatible with Gmail, Microsoft Office, Yahoo, and others.

First, enter the recipient’s number followed by “@send.myfax.com”. Next, type your cover message in the email body and attach any image or document you want to send. Finally, click the “Send” button and your fax will be on its way!


Find the MyFax plan that suits your needs

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Whether you want to fax for individual purposes or manage your company’s complex faxing needs, MyFax has service and pricing plans to fit your business.

Perfect for entrepreneurs or startups that are always on the go and want to send and receive faxes through the mobile app.

Great for established businesses that are looking for a local or toll free fax number to stay connected with clients nationwide.

Our top plan for teams with heavier faxing needs that want to share an account, and send and receive up to 600 fax pages a month from anywhere.

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