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MyFax Central

Manage Your Online Fax Service in One Location

With MyFax® Central, you have convenient online access to all of your account details and archived faxes.


Make the most of your MyFax account by customizing your portal to suit your faxing needs.

MyFax® Helps Keep Anthony Organized

View Fax Usage Reports

Filter and view your fax activity by customer, date, or any other parameter you want. You can even export fax activity reports as CSV or Excel® files.

Tag and Search Faxes

For your convenience, your archived faxes are stored in online for the life of your account. You can “tag” these faxes with keywords and retrieve them anytime.

Manage Contacts

Easily look up your contacts’ details, and quickly create or import new contacts.

Add Custom Cover Pages

In MyFax Central, you can easily create new cover pages to attach to your faxes, or use existing cover pages you’ve already made.

MyFax® Central lets Anthony, someone who could work for a healthcare company, stay more organized than ever. Now that he’s able to tag, categorize, and easily retrieve all of his faxes through his MyFax account online, Anthony has time to focus on the more important aspects of his job rather than searching through piles of paperwork for fax receipts or custom cover sheets.

The Benefits of MyFax Central

With MyFax Central, you don’t need to file or hunt for paper copies of your faxes, activity reports, and statements. You can access it all through a user-friendly web portal.

MyFax Central lets you view important account information, including contact details and billing codes, from anywhere from your mobile device.

Save space in your office by keeping digital copies of your faxes and other key documents. No paper or printing required. You can even fax a pdf right from MyFax Central.


Present customers with a fax activity report based on their billing codes. Generate custom fax cover pages. These and other features help you project a professional business image.

Fax machines mean waiting around for incoming faxes, and rushing back to the office when you have to send an important fax. With the ability to fax from your mobile phone, you won’t have to deal with those hassles anymore.


Thanks to MyFax Central, Practice is Healthier Than Ever

Before he began using the MyFax online fax service, Anthony kept the practice’s important paperwork, including old faxes and patient information, in stacks scattered around the office. As a result, Anthony missed opportunities to focus on his job because he spent too much time searching for files and appeared less professional to patients.

Once Anthony started to keep all of his important documents stored electronically with MyFax, he noticed a real improvement in his workflow. Anthony can now locate an old fax anytime with a simple search in MyFax Central, even if he’s not in the office. He’s also able to quickly send new faxes because he has all his contact information in one place. Now Anthony spends less time on administrative tasks and dedicates more time focusing on what really matters to the practice.