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Learn more about Internet faxing, right at your desktop. MyFax® webinars are free to attend and offer exclusive information about MyFax and how Internet fax can benefit your business.

Fax Evolution for Legal Nonprofits

Presenter: Sam Wehbe, Product Marketing Manager, MyFax
Original Live Airing: April 27th, 2010
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Faxing remains a business-critical form of communication for the legal industry. Yet most legal organizations are largely unaware of the impact traditional faxing has on both financial resources and the environment at large. This impact can be significantly minimized with both behavioural changes and the adoption of new technologies. These new technologies significantly reduce environmental footprint, and dramatically reduce or eliminate costs. Join us for this webinar that discusses how the Fax sits front and centre on this issue, and the new technologies that have evolved to meet these challenges for legal nonprofits.

Fax Evolution for the Construction Industry

Presenter: Sam Wehbe, Product Marketing Manager, MyFax
Original Live Airing: February 24th, 2010
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In a down economy, increasing competition and more rigorous bidding requirements mean more paperwork and a greater need to always be on top of communications. Fax technology plays a central role in these processes. Find out how you can leverage a new fax technology to streamline workflows and communications, while also benefiting from financial savings and increased mobility.

Fax Evolution for Green IT

Presenter: Sam Wehbe, Product Marketing Manager, MyFax
Original Live Airing: August 26th, 2009
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IT's environmental impact can significantly be reduced with both behavioral changes and the adoption of new technologies. These new technologies improve both environmental performance and dramatically reduce or eliminate costs. The Fax sits front and center in this issue, as a technology and function common across all organizations, big and small, that impacts efficiency, the environment and the bottom-line.

Technology for Small Business The New Way - The Web Way

Presenters: Luc Vezina, Director of Product Marketing for MyFax and Howard Jackson, Managing Member, Midd Cities
Moderator: Frank Derfler, Author and PCMag Digital Network Veteran
Original Live Airing: July 29th, 2009
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Managing office technology (email, the phone system, software, etc.) doesn't have to be aggravating and expensive. A new breed of solutions is delivering technology through the Internet and is making workplace IT a lot easier and a lot less expensive for small businesses. Not only are these solutions easy and affordable but they often provide functionality that was previously only accessible to large companies with big IT budgets.

Fax Evolution for the Real Estate Industry

Presenter: Luc Vezina, Director of Product Marketing, MyFax
Original Live Airing: June 24th, 2009
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This webinar will address the challenge that's faced when your fax machine or fax server is nearing the end of its life and a decision has to be made about upgrading and replacing it. Many people think of the fax as office equipment on the verge of extinction. But, faxing is still a critical method of communication, especially in real estate.

Faxing for the Legal Industry

Presenters: Luc Vezina, Head of MyFax Marketing and Mark Cerullo, Manager of Sales Engineering
Original Live Airing: March 19th, 2009
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Faxing remains a business-critical form of communication for law firms. Many law firms are looking to replace antiquated fax machines or fax server with an Internet Fax service - a hosted and fully outsourced fax solution.

"I believe MyFax is the one tool no agent should be without."
JoAnne McKinney Real Estate Broker, Realty World, John Horton & Associates [Read Case Study]

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