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MyFax and Your Privacy - No Spam

We're frequently asked about whether we disclose your fax number and/or
send unsolicited faxes. Our answer is very simple - no!

At MyFax®, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and keeping fax spam out of everyone's email Inbox.

100% No Spam Policy

At MyFax:

We don't disclose your fax number. We don't send you faxes. We don't disclose your email address. We don't allow advertisers to email you.

Our business relies on happy customers, and so we maintain a very strict and transparent privacy policy.

Separate the "Fax" from Fiction

The concerns expressed on websites such as www.Junkfax.org are clear and undisputed - there's no place for fax spam. Rest assured, neither MyFax nor its parent company, Protus®, sends unsolicited fax advertising to its customers - or anyone else - or discloses private fax numbers.

Help us Block Fax Spam

We're working on new approaches to help identify and filter unsolicited faxes. If you're a MyFax customer and you've been spammed, use the form below to send us the fax, or forward it to:email.

Despite our best efforts, unsolicited faxes might still reach some of our customers - mainly when an unscrupulous advertiser has identified a block of fax numbers. If this happens to you, we'll help you switch to a new number at no charge. Please contact MyFax Support.

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I confirm that I do not have a business relationship with the advertiser/sender and that I have not expressly consented or permitted the advertiser/sender to send me the attached fax.

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