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University of Ottawa

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University of Ottawa

Company Profile

Educational institutions invest considerable resources to ensure their email and Internet communications are private and secure; however, they often overlook these issues when it comes to their fax communications. Recognized as Canada’s premier bilingual university, the University of Ottawa is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Founded in 1848, the University offers a broad range of outstanding programs in both official languages to some 30,000 students. The Faculty of Engineering includes more than 100 professors as well as 2,800 undergraduate students and more than 750 graduate students working towards their doctorate, master’s degree or graduate certificate.

The Challenge

The world of academia is not exempt from conforming to government policies and standards, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documentation Act (PIPEDA). Adherence to such regulations is critical to maintain credibility and privacy.

Traditional fax machines pose a number of threats to privacy and security, as paper faxes sit idly on half a dozen shared fax machines that routinely process large numbers of documents that require anonymity. For example: contributions from donors, letters of recommendation, and student applications. Protecting the confidentiality of this type of sensitive data is critical, and privacy is at risk with shared fax machines in open areas accessible to many people. Meeting strict security and privacy regulations was fast becoming a critical concern for the University. The Faculty of Engineering recognized the need for a fax solution that would not only improve the security of electronic document management and information processing, but would also ensure their compliance with regulations relating to the secure transmission of personal data.

The Solution

MyFax is a low-cost, Internet-based fax service that lets you send and receive faxes using existing email accounts and the Web. The service eliminates fax supplies, maintenance, dedicated lines, and long distance charges and faxes can be easily forwarded, saved, and stored digitally, enabling greater document management and control. MyFax virtually eliminates lost pages, allows for immediate electronic document storage, and ensures documents are delivered to the right hands. In addition, the University receives toll free numbers, online activity reports, 24/7 Customer Support, and delivery confirmations.

The Results

MyFax was implemented, providing an integrated email and fax solution. The University is now able to track and electronically store documents, while providing the flexibility and reliability of a fax service accessed directly from employees individual email. The University can administer their fax requirements on-line, and add fax numbers to different professors in the University when required. They can also monitor how much each department or division is spending on faxes through usage reports. Complying with privacy legislation is easier since the use of shared, traditional fax machines has been eliminated. Faxes are sent and received securely from any location with email access, while protecting the confidentiality of students, professors and external organizations. Operating costs for the faculty have been reduced with the elimination of fax machines, fax servers, fax supplies, dedicated lines and long distance charges – an estimated savings of 40% in the first year.

"Protecting the confidentiality of our data and communications is critical. We routinely process a large number of documents that require sender anonymity, particularly from contributing donors, or for recommendation letters, offers of employment, and student applications with personal information. By transmitting our existing email into a private fax service, MyFax ensures security while enabling us to store and track documents electronically."
Eric Dubois, Vice-Dean of Research, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa

"With email being the mainstay of our electronic communication, having to deal with fax machines is a bit of a nuisance. MyFax removes the nuisance of traditional faxes and provides us with the convenience and confidentiality of Internet Fax."
Eric Dubois Vice-Dean of Research, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa

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