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Ullucci Law Associates

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Ullucci Law Associates

Company Profile

Andy Ullucci founded Ullucci Law Associates in early 2008. Originally a litigator, he found his true passion was helping small business owners as an advisor and outside counsel on matters ranging from vendor and supplier agreements to lease and contract negotiations, to certificates of good standing from government agencies and other issues.

The Challenge

Ullucci chose to run his business off his laptop rather than establish a formal office for two reasons: to reduce the percentage of client fees that would go toward overhead and to give himself more opportunity to leave the office when working with clients. As a result, he needed to find a way to send and receive faxes without being tied to a fax machine.

The Solution

Ullucci determined he needed an Internet fax service and chose MyFax based on its features, performance, and especially the ease of use. He likes the MyFaxCentral online interface for its simplicity – similar to a standard email application. He also likes that he can store faxes online, making them easily accessible without having to carry a lot of paper.

The Results

MyFax has given Ullucci the mobility he needs to service clients without delays or having anything slip through the cracks. He can send and receive from a client’s office, a coffee shop or restaurant and other Wi-Fi enabled locations. His faxing overhead is also extremely low. He reports that the individual costs associated with a fax machine would likely be more than he pays per month for MyFax.

"When I’m counseling my small business clients I always advise them to look for ways to reduce expenses, especially the recurring ones. MyFax allows me to ‘live the brand’."
Andy Ullucci, Owner, Ullucci Law Associates

"Sending and receiving faxes is critical to my business. I have to be able to do it. MyFax has been an important factor in my being able to run my practice the way I first conceived it."
Andy Ullucci Owner, Ullucci Law Associates

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