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Tessuto Vertical

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Tessuto Vertical

Company Profile

Tessuto Vertical is a supplier of exclusive contract wall coverings for use in a variety of commercial buildings, including office complexes, hotels, motels, convention centers, healthcare facilities and more. The company sells primarily through sales representatives, although it also offers direct sales in areas where there is no representation.

The Challenge

Managing faxes and processing sales orders with multiple office locations and a distributed workforce.

The Solution

Tessuto Vertical chose MyFax based on the ratings of people who were already using the service. They setup MyFax so all faxes would be directed to email; the staff uses iPhones and know immediately when a fax comes in.

Because faxes come in from all over the country, Tessuto Vertical opted for a toll-free number. It makes the company look larger than it is, and for makes it easy for customers to work with them. At a time when all businesses are scrutinizing expenses closely, Tessuto Vertical says no one hesitates to call a toll-free number.

The Results

Tessuto Vertical estimates that MyFax saves each employee 20 to 30 minutes per day in document management alone. For a small company that time adds up quickly. In the normal course of business MyFax pays for itself in one day. The most important result, however, is their sales are no longer at risk due to the nature of paper faxes and fax machines. All it would take is one big sales order to fall on the floor and roll under a cabinet. Not only would Tessuto lose that order, but likely any future business from that customer. MyFax removes all of that risk.

"When I’m out of the office and a customer sends a fax I can see it immediately as a PDF document. The screen is small, but it’s good enough for me to read what’s in the fax. If it’s a hot order, I will pull out my laptop, establish a wireless Internet connection and process it immediately. It’s really helped us improve our ability to serve our customers and run the business efficiently. We would have trouble processing our high volume of faxed orders without it."
John Midkiff, Director of Operations, Tessuto Vertical

"MyFax saves each employee 20 to 30 minutes per day in document management alone."
John Midkiff, Director of Operations Tessuto Vertical

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