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Republic State Mortgage

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Republic State Mortgage

Company Profile

Republic State Mortgage is a full service mortgage banker with headquarters in Houston, Texas and offices throughout the state as well as Florida, Kentucky, and Ohio. As a member of Lenders One, a national cooperative of independent mortgage bankers with an aggregate volume of over $45 billion and the 9th largest originator in the country, Republic has approvals with all the largest mortgage loan buyers in the country with the very best pricing.

The Challenge

When an applicant contacts Republic State Mortgage about securing a loan, confidential documents are often faxed by employers or other financial institutions.

Senior Loan Officer, Barbara Reeves was concerned that documents coming in to the fax machine could sit in an open area exposed to anyone who happened to walk by until she either picked them up or they were delivered to her.

The Solution

On the recommendation of another loan officer, Reeves signed up for a MyFax account. She learned MyFax would allow her to send, and more importantly receive, faxes in her email account as well as a secure online server, anywhere she could get an Internet connection.

Having documents go straight into her email account also solved another issue. Reeves’ job often takes her away from the office for hours at a time. Previously, that meant any applications waiting on faxed documents had to wait until she returned. Now, Reeves says she can open her laptop, check for faxes, and keep the applications moving along.

The Results

Reeves has been very pleased with the increased level of security MyFax has provided for the sensitive documents she works with every day. "When I talk about the things Republic has to offer, I always include a discussion about security and confidentiality," she says. "I show them how all their confidential information will be coming directly to me instead of a general fax machine. It definitely helps reassure customers that we have their best interests in mind."

"MyFax gave me exactly what I needed. Now the documentation required to evaluate a loan application comes directly to my desktop. I don’t have to pick it up or worry that someone walking by will see something they’re not supposed to. It’s a lot more secure."
Barbara Reeves, Senior Loan Officer Lexington, Kentucky branch, Republic State Mortgage

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