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Realty World, John Horton & Associates

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Realty World

Company Profile

As the 6th largest company in Austin Texas, Realty World, John Horton & Associates does a huge volume of business – much of it via fax. The company has 185 agents spread across eight offices. Their goal is to be the most respected real estate company in Central Texas. To do this, they feel their agents must have the most up-to-date knowledge and practices in the business. Real estate broker JoAnne McKinney has been working with the company for five years and is part of the five-person Stratus Team. JoAnne works 100% by referral and is a ClubNet member with Buffini & Company, the largest business coaching network in the country. She is a four time Peak Performer, a Buffini Certified Mentor, and the coordinator for the Central Texas Regional gatherings.

The Challenge

Real estate sales is a fast-paced and extremely mobile business. Time-sensitive offers, counter-offers and other information are constantly flying back and forth, primarily via fax because faxes can carry a signature to verify the legality of a document, and they allow forms to be filled out manually and then transmitted instantaneously.

Faxes are normally sent and received via a machine connected to a dedicated phone line within the office. For real estate brokers, this stationary location presents an obstacle, as agents who spend a lot of time in the office usually don’t last long in the business. Important fax documents come in and go out through Point A, while the agents are usually at Point B, C, D, E, etc.

The Solution

Realty World, John Horton & Associates solved the time and distance conundrum. Rather than bringing their agents to the fax machine, they chose a solution that allows faxes to go directly to their agents – anywhere they can get an Internet connection.

JoAnne McKinney immediately saw the value of Internet fax because faxes are transmitted directly to her e-mail account, which she can access anywhere she could get an Internet connection. It also allows her to carry faxes with her on her laptop, making them accessible anytime she needs them. This benefit became more important as her business grew and she found herself traveling 2 to 3 months out of the year. Internet faxing allows her to travel more while keeping her business going. Faxes sent to her e-mail account also assures greater privacy than using a public fax machine – something very important to any agent.

After doing some research, JoAnne chose MyFax, "it’s reliable, and the cost was less than what I was expecting".

While she found many of the individual features valuable, the overall reliability of MyFax was the most important benefit.

"I work 100% on referrals; I feel if I take care of my existing clients, they will do more for me than any form of advertising. To make good on that I need to be able to work quickly and efficiently, I can’t be waiting for a fax to go through, or waiting for someone at the office to read a fax to me because I’m not there. MyFax helps me deliver the kind of service that leads to referrals, and helps keep me on top of my game."

The Results

JoAnne says that she’s been far more efficient since switching to MyFax – even when out of town. "Last year I was out of the office traveling for 25% of the year, yet I was able to double my business. If it weren’t for MyFax I wouldn’t be able to run my business and take business trips or vacations. I went to Ireland with a big transaction pending. One night around 3:00 AM I took my laptop to an Internet café, checked my faxes, and was able to secure the transaction. Either the deal or the trip wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for MyFax. I’m definitely sold." In fact, JoAnne is such a fan she has recommended the service to most of the other 184 agents at Realty World, John Horton & Associates. Many have followed her lead and are generating similar results. Not only is it better for the agents, for the company overall as they have greatly reduced paper and toner expenses each month.

"The most important things I receive are faxes; it’s obvious that the people at MyFax understand that. I really believe it’s the one business tool no agent should be without."
JoAnne McKinney, Realty World, John Horton & Associates

"Every single thing about MyFax proved to be better, and that’s not an exaggeration. MyFax was more reliable, and the cost was less than what I was expecting."
JoAnne McKinney Realty World, John Horton & Associates

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