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Company Profile

Meeting strict security and privacy regulations is fast becoming a more critical part of doing business. Nymity is a privacy research firm that provides privacy training, risk mitigation subscription solutions and research services to corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Nymity analyses an institution’s privacy risk and then creates a set of compliance tools, papers, templates, case-studies, and guides to help organizations:
  • comply with privacy and data protection laws;
  • create effective privacy management programs;
  • keep privacy officers informed;
  • comply with Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP) and;
  • reduce the chances of privacy breaches and complaints.

The Challenge

Nymity operates in an office environment where business resources like traditional fax machines are a shared resource. Faxes arrive in a central office location and then redirected to the appropriate recipient. Typical faxes received at the Nymity office often contain transactional data from customers, including credit card information. Customers need to feel confident that their personal information is kept private and secure. Unsatisfied with the lack of privacy safeguards inherent in their traditional fax machine – faxes sit idle on fax machines where they can be viewed by anyone walking by - Nymity embarked on a search for an alternative fax solution that would provide the reliability suitable to their business needs.

The Solution

Privacy regulations mandate that businesses guarantee the confidentiality of their clients’ personal information. Technical and organizational safeguards must be put in place to ensure compliance with these regulations. As such, Nymity recognizes the need to meet the privacy and security standards set out by Canadian/American legislation. Through MyFax, faxes are delivered electronically – directly to the recipient. This mitigates security issues and safeguards against privacy concerns that arise when faxes are sent to a central fax machine and with MyFax, faxes can easily be forwarded, saved and stored digitally, allowing for smarter document management.

The Results

With the implementation of MyFax, Nymity is able to protect their customers’ personal information and address the privacy implications of fax transmissions. Nymity also benefits from the online fax storage capability inherent with MyFax and the ability to track faxes systematically (for example, faxes can be tracked based on billing code). What’s more, detailed, real time reports on billing, usage and fax history are also available online. MyFax complements the mobility requirements of the Nymity workforce because employees traveling to and from customer sites are now able to access their faxes from wherever they are, further alleviating time delays and removing security concerns raised by traditional faxing. Password protection on a secure website and integration into private email accounts also enhance security.

"MyFax from Protus has provided Nymity with appropriate safeguards for our faxed-based ordering system. Our customers include credit card information on fax order forms with the knowledge and assurance that their personal information is forwarded to our order processing department in a safeguarded manner."
Terry McQuay, President, Nymity Inc.

"MyFax helps achieve greater levels of privacy safeguards, thereby mitigating the likelihood of privacy breaches and ensuring Privacy Legislation compliance. Protus provides organizations with a secure alternative to the traditional method of faxing."
Terry McQuay President, Nymity Inc.

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