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Company Profile

Macstran is a female-owned Nevada corporation that hauls produce and seafood between Florida and California. Owner Peggy McClelland is a serial entrepreneur, having previously started a successful restaurant and bed and breakfast in the Pacific Northwest.

The Challenge

While time is money in any business venture, nowhere are the two tied more closely than in the trucking/transport industry. Trucks are hired to move goods from one location to another within a specified period of time. Anything that slows or stops this movement equals money lost. To be efficient, most independent truckers will work on lining up their next load while on the road with their current load. This process involves checking an online load board to see what's available, contacting the broker, and exchanging information. It is the last part where things can break down. Because certain background documents and contracts need to be signed, they must be sent by fax. Ordinarily this means the trucker must pull into a truck stop, wait for a fax machine to become available, and then transmit the document page-by-page. In the meantime, the clock keeps counting down, putting early delivery bonuses and/or late delivery penalties at risk.

Peggy McClelland was finding the process of lining up the load for the return trip was getting in the way of delivering the current load. Once she found a load, they'd have to stop the truck to take care of the paperwork to bid for it. She had to contact the broker and have a contract sent to a fax machine at a truck stop. Once the fax came in she would look it over, and if all was in order she would sign it and send it back. This process could take a half hour or more, depending on how busy the fax machine at the truck stop was. This was time spent standing still instead of moving goods. Peggy knew that with all the modern technology available that there must be a better way.

The Solution

One day Peggy was describing her concerns to one of the brokers she works with, the broker suggested she try MyFax. No, she said, she'd tried an Internet fax solution before and found it difficult to get on when she needed it. The broker persisted, saying MyFax was different. Since the broker was someone she trusted, Peggy decided to give it a try.

"The difference was immediate," Peggy says. "I was able to connect to their server right away and the fax went through without a hitch. I even received a confirmation that it had been delivered in my e-mail account. The contract was completed within minutes, and we didn't even have to slow down much less stop. I've been a fan ever since." The cost is another factor Peggy likes. At the typical truck stop, sending and receiving faxes can run $3 per page. By the time a five-page contract is completed both ways the driver has spent $30. Macstran's MyFax account costs just $10 per month to send 100 and receive 200 pages, which means it pays for itself three times over with the first contract.

The Results

"MyFax has been a tremendous asset to our business, while the cost savings has been nice, it's really the time savings that has made the difference for us. We typically haul two loads per week - one each way. Being able to save a half hour or more per trip while running the business more efficiently has been an absolute dream. I am so glad that broker turned us on to MyFax." Peggy likes MyFax so much, in fact, that she's planning on using it in her next business venture - a bed and breakfast in Costa Rica. "When I find something that works I stay with it."

"MyFax has been a tremendous asset to our business. While the cost savings has been nice, it’s really the time savings that has made the difference for us."
Peggy McClelland Owner, Macstran Inc.

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