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Le Boisé Alternatives

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Le Boisé Alternatives

Company Profile

Le Boisé Alternatives was founded in 2002 to help homeowners and businesses in Quebec and Ontario, Canada obtain electrical power via renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, rather than tapping into the standard power grid.

President and founder DJ MacIntyre started the business after facing the challenge of bringing power to a remote parcel of land he had purchased. Today his customer base ranges from Quebec City to Kingston, Ontario, an area of roughly 366,600 square miles. To his knowledge he is the only licensed contractor providing renewable energy sources in that entire region of Quebec, and one of very few in Eastern Ontario.

The Challenge

The construction business still relies heavily on faxes to request and submit contracts, order supplies, etc. This can be a challenge for any contractor since most of their time is spent on job sites rather than at the office. For Le Boisé Alternatives', two challenges multiplied these factors: 1) a typical job could have MacIntyre staying out of town for days or weeks, and 2) the company has to generate every watt of electricity it uses.

The first challenge is obvious. While it may be inconvenient, most contractors can stop by the office before or after going to the day's job site to get and send faxes. When out of town, faxes were either read to MacIntyre over the phone or waited until his return. Neither was acceptable.

The second challenge was even more of a concern. According to the Energy Star ratings from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a fax machine consumes more electricity than any other office equipment. Keeping a one on 24/7 in case a fax comes in would mean a lot of wasted energy - something MacIntyre resented. "Keeping a light bulb on for 24/7 is expensive when you generate your own electricity," says MacIntyre. "And a fax machine uses a lot more electricity than a light bulb." It also goes against the very nature of his business, which is about minimizing environmental impact. "If you run a fax machine 24/7, you create 80 Kg of greenhouse gas per year in our area."

In short, while he needed the ability to send and receive faxes, the fax machine as a business tool simply was not in keeping with the practical or ethical requirements of his business. Realizing this, MacIntyre began the search for an alternative,.

The Solution

A business crisis forced MacIntyre to look seriously for a different way to fax. "I had a client who needed to send me a fax, but my machine had died," he says, noting another of his pet peeves: "Because they're used infrequently, it might be a year or two before you need to change ink cartridges. Good luck finding cartridges for a 2 or 3 year old machine. It's cheaper to just buy a new one … and then feel guilty for contributing to a non-biodegradable landfill! I was going to have the client send it to my mother-in-law, but it wasn't very professional. So I did a quick Internet search and came across Internet faxing."

"I compared features and benefits of several providers" MacIntyre says. "What sold me on MyFax were the reviews on sites like toptenreviews.com. Everywhere I went, MyFax came out on top. And after opening my account I found out why."

For MacIntyre, it isn't about high volume. It's about availability. "I don't send or receive a lot of faxes each month," he states. "But every fax that comes in or goes out is very important to my business. Having MyFax assures that those documents reach me right away, wherever I happen to be, without all the waste of a fax machine. It helps me to stay responsible to both my customers and the environment."

The Results

Due to the nature of his work, McIntyre has a very good idea of just how much he is saving by using MyFax rather than a fax machine. "If I had to build a power system strictly to run a fax machine 24 hours a day, it would cost $4,000 to $5,000 in infrastructure costs, without accounting for maintenance, he says. That electricity is now being re-directed to other appliances and devices in the house. Couple that savings with paperless delivery, the reduction of the carbon footprint, and the greater efficiency he has gained and it's easy to see why MacIntyre is such an enthusiastic evangelist.

"MyFax is one of the best decisions I've made since I made the decision to go into this business," he says. "I just love it!"

"MyFax is one of the best decisions I've made since I made the decision to go into this business," he says. "I just love it!"
DJ MacIntyre President, Le Boisé Alternatives

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