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Company Profile

Fabcon was one of the first companies in the world to create precast concrete hollow core wall panels for commercial construction use. Established in 1971, the company has grown steadily, and currently has four manufacturing plants around the U.S. in addition to sales offices in Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, New York, and Illinois.

The Challenge

At Fabcon the amount of paperwork generated is often overwhelming and moving these documents between departments is often even more daunting. Marketing Manager Scott Jenkins gives an example: "At Fabcon the VP of Sales must approve sales contracts from all nine offices. Because they require signatures for approval, each multi-page contract had to be faxed to a machine on his desk, where he would review, approve or alter, sign, and send them back. Tracking the progress of various documents was also often a complex physical task rather than a simple electronic one. And the more we grew, the more inefficient the process became."

As an organization, Fabcon was concerned that the inefficiencies could affect scheduling, job performance, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

The Solution

After some investigation, Fabcon executives thought Internet faxing was the answer. They tried the service from the industry's largest supplier but began finding problems with it immediately. "They required us to download their software onto every computer to send and receive faxes," says Jenkins. "That was just impractical, plus the documents we received were in a proprietary format, so they couldn't be forwarded to someone who didn't have the software without being converted and the licensing agreement was expensive. We still liked the concept of Internet faxing, but realized we needed to change suppliers."

Their search for a new Internet fax service led the company no further than its own safety department, which was using MyFax. The difference was apparent immediately. "With MyFax received faxes are in PDF format," Jenkins says. "Everyone can open them easily without having to download special-use software. It’s easy to use, reliable, and the cost, is far lower than we had been paying for the other service. It was an easy decision to switch."

Fabcon rolled out MyFax immediately. The changeover was simple since MyFax handles all of the back end work and administration. Everyone was assigned an individual toll-free number allowing them to fax directly through their e-mail account. Jenkins says, "we’re more efficient, environmentally friendly, and we've been able to reduce our fax-related paper use to a fraction of what it was before."

The Results

While Jenkins does not have hard numbers, MyFax has had a substantial impact on Fabcon's workflow processes. "When you have a dozen faxes on your desk it's difficult to prioritize them. But when they're in an e-mail in-box with the ability to preview, you can run through the entire dozen quickly to determine what needs action now and what can wait until later."

Perhaps the most significant impact has been on the ability of busy employees to save time and manage important documents better. Fabcon's VP of Sales in particular is finding he is much more efficient now that Fabcon has a corporate MyFax account.

"You wouldn't think one piece of technology, especially around something like faxes, would make such an impact, but it really has. If we ever tried to take it out there would be a huge rebellion. That's how much our people have come to depend on it."

"Perhaps the most significant impact has been on the ability of busy employees to save time and manage important documents better."
Scott Jenkins Marketing Manager, Fabcon

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