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Brookfield Power

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Brookfield Power

Company Profile

Brookfield Power (formerly Brascan Power) comprises the power generating, distribution and marketing operations of Brookfield Asset Management. Brookfield Power has developed and successfully operated hydroelectric power facilities for nearly 100 years and is one of the lowest cost producers of hydroelectric power in North America. Operations encompass 132 power-generating plants with a capacity of more than 3,300 Mega Watts, primarily in North American markets.

The Challenge

For Brookfield Power sending and receiving faxes is a vital link between an internal purchasing system and the company’s external supplier base. Previously, faxes were sent using a dedicated PC-based fax server with associated software and faxes were received on a traditional fax machine. Not only were two dedicated telephone lines required, but the system also required the watchful eyes of purchasing department employees who needed to review the fax log to verify transmissions were sent correctly and collect paper-based faxes as they were received. By the fall of 2003, Company officials began to evaluate options for an external faxing alternative.

The Solution

MyFax is perfect for companies that require a low-cost, reliable faxing alternative to fax machines and fax servers. It’s an Internet-based faxing service with the capacity to manage high volumes of faxes, enabling a quick turnaround on vital communications and it can also be integrated into existing technology infrastructures.

MyFax enables Brookfield Power to automatically send fax transmissions from its purchasing system as emails and receive fax transmissions from its suppliers as PDF files. As part of the MyFax service, Brookfield Power receives detailed, real-time reports, as well as delivery confirmations and auto resends for failed transmissions. What’s more, MyFax is always ‘on’, never runs out of paper, and faxes are received in private email accounts ensuring confidentiality.

The Results

The MyFax managed service model works extremely well for Brookfield Power. They no longer have the expense of maintaining a fax machine, two fax lines or a PC-based fax server with associated software. They’ve also eliminated the significant long-distance charges associated with day-to-day business communications. MyFax uses existing technical infrastructures: email and the Internet. There is no added hardware or software to install.

Paper is another area where costs are down since inbound faxes are only printed if required. Most of the time fax documents are stored and filed electronically and MyFax is completely scalable, so as Brookfield’s fax activity increases, the service supports the increased demand. In addition, the staff has been freed from manually managing the paper flow of incoming and outgoing faxes. Channeling faxes directly to the user’s email has eliminated lost faxes and all fax activity is logged digitally and archived for more effective management of people and processes.

"In the old model, employees always had to keep an eye on the fax. Now nobody has to spend time to make sure the process is working."
Michel St-Coeur, IT Support Co-coordinator, Brookfield Power

"MyFax eliminates the reams and reams of paper."
Michel St-Coeur T Support Co-coordinator, Brookfield Power

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