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Beavercreek Family Care Associates


Beavercreek Family Care Associates

Company Profile

Beavercreek Family Care Associates is a family healthcare facility located in Beavercreek, Ohio, USA. Specializing in family practice, this business group of three family medical practice physicians has been in operation since 1986.

The Challenge

Healthcare professionals need a dependable, mobile and secure faxing solution due to the time sensitivity of their industry. Policy applications, claims, doctor appointments, lab results, and general health information transfer are all time-sensitive. Health organizations need a reliable way to exchange this information through faxing as delayed or lost faxes can negatively impact a patient’s health and welfare.

At Beavercreek fax is a tool commonly used by office staff and physicians. Doctors rely on faxes to routinely send and receive lab and X-ray reports. The office staff already recognized the benefits Internet fax, but was unhappy with their current outsourced service because they couldn’t review and comment on faxes in real time. They were evaluating alternative Internet fax solutions that would provide convenience and mobility for the physicians when they were away from the office, document confidentiality, and affordability.

The Solution

MyFax Internet fax is a cost-effective solution for the challenges posed by fax and data transmission as it pertains to patient safety, security, electronic health records, and clinical systems. It complies with regulations relating to the secure transmission of personal health information such as PIPEDA in Canada. Whether the fax documents are patient records, healthcare claims, or payments, MyFax enables electronic fax viewing, searching, rerouting, forwarding and deletion; archiving of faxes for easy retrieval and fax annotation including: comments, highlights and action flags are easy to add when faxes are received in PDF format.

The Results

Beavercreek physicians now have renewed confidence in their ability to add faxes back into their office work flow process. They can review reports at their convenience and get results to patients and other physicians more quickly than before. Since MyFax, faxes are received as PDF files, and can be reviewed and commented on electronically without having to go to the expense and inconvenience of printing them. Turnaround time on reporting test results to patients has improved, and as a direct result, so has their customer service. Patients no longer have to wait for the doctor to return to the office when they are away. Physicians can access faxes at any hour of the day, regardless of their location. Furthermore, they can relay directives back to the office to ensure immediate action. Productivity has increased, document backlog has decreased, and patient privacy is secure.

"I am a physician and rely on MyFax when I am away from the office for meetings or on vacation to keep my patient correspondence current. My staff needs to fax me reports and letters, I review and comment on them and fax them back. That way, staff can contact the patient and file documents to their charts while I am out of the office and the health care of the patient is uninterrupted."
Dr. Joseph Dudash, Beavercreek Family Care Associates

"I needed a fax service that would allow me to review faxes on my computer, add my comments, then fax them back – without having to print anything. MyFax provided that solution."
Dr. Joseph Dudash Beavercreek Family Care Associates

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