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"We’ve been able to reduce our fax-related paper use to a fraction of
what it was before."
Scott Jenkins Marketing Manager, Fabcon [Read Case Study]

"MyFax helped us improve our ability to serve our customers and
run the business efficiently."
John Midkiff Director of Operations, Tessuto Vertical [Read Case Study]

Real Estate

"Before MyFax, if an offer came in after 8:00PM it was difficult to receive
and respond. Now, offers immediately come to me."
Chris Prescott Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker [Listen to the podcast]

"My clients can fax me free nationwide with no maintenance on my part!"
Gary Herr CRS GRI, Realtor, Re/Max Alliance [Read the Brochure]


"I can assure customers their confidential information will be coming
to me instead of a general fax machine
Barbara Reeves Senior Loan Officer, Republic State Mortgage [Read Case Study]

"We save a good three to five hours per week every week because of MyFax, not to mention the money we save."
Mark Herman Underwriter, Mortgage Alliance Canada [Read Case Study]


"I rely on MyFax when I’m away from the office and need to keep
my patient correspondence current."
Dr. Joseph Dudash Beavercreek Family Care Associates [Read Case Study]

"Hospitals are always under scrutiny to be environmentally
. MyFax helps us be responsible and keep costs down."
Sujit Kar IT Manager, Medical University of South Carolina [Read Case Study]

Financial Services

"MyFax not only delivered with excellent service and support, but the
best value for money by going with MyFax."
Randy Wilson IT Consultant, Leavitt Group [Read Case Study]

"We reduced our monthly costs due to items such as paper, toner, and dedicated phone lines by 89%."
Geoff Belair Director Information Technology, Westland Insurance Group [Read Case Study]


"MyFax has an outstanding reputation for reliability and customer service. That’s important to any independent business person."
Andy Ullucci Founder and Lawyer, Ullucci Law Associates [Read Case Study]

"What a great service MyFax performs - affordable rates, reliability, and fax quality superior to our fax machine."
S. Findlay Paralegal, Patient Advocacy LLC [Read the Brochure]

Other Businesses

"It would cost between $4000 and $5000 in infrastructure costs to run
a fax machine 24 hours a day. MyFax is one of the best decisions
I’ve made.
DJ MacIntyre President and Founder, Le Boisé Alternatives [Read Case Study]

"Our organization has achieved a 30% increase in efficiency,
which correlates to a 30% decrease in costs
, and a 20% decrease
in project turn around time."
Pavla Selepova President and CEO, MiroMetrica [Read Case Study]

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