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MyFax® Mobile App for Your iPhone

Wherever You Go, Your Faxes Go

The MyFax® mobile app gives you the freedom and flexibility you don't get with your fax machine. Send and receive almost any major document file type while you're on the go.

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Essential MyFax Mobile App Features

Send a Fax

The MyFax® iOS app offers you the mobility to fax from anywhere. Send faxes with a just a few taps of your finger - it's as easy as sending emails.

Open your MyFax® app, and enter your recipient's information either manually or from your existing MyFax contacts. Attach your document, tap "Send" and your fax is delivered.

Receive a Fax

You can quickly view your inbound faxes with the MyFax® app anywhere, anytime. Faxes are sent straight to your inbox, ensuring that your faxes remain private.

Tap the received fax in your list of documents and view it just as you would an attachment to an email. Easily navigate and view your documents from the office, your home, or on the road.

Attach Multiple File Types

With the MyFax® app you can send and receive faxes in over 150 file types including Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, .TIFF, PDF, and many more.

Combine the power of MyFax® with the mobility of your iPhone by downloading the app today and signing up for your free trial.

Download the MyFax® Mobile App Today

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