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Corporate Fax Solutions

MyFax addresses the fax needs of your organization with a secure, flexible, and compliant hosted solution that easily integrates into your VoIP environment and IT systems.

The MyFax solution enhances your business communication and increases corporate management with improved administrative capabilities such as document management and cost reporting. In addition, a hosted solution removes a significant burden from your IT resources, and provides the benefits of personalized business fax numbers, easy scalability, and mobile fax capability.

MyFax Customer Support and Professional Services guide you through migration and implementation and include training, ongoing account management and free 24-hour phone and email technical support.

The MyFax Corporate Fax Solution

Does your organization want to reduce fax costs or eliminate an existing fax server? MyFax is the right solution.

Reduce Fax Costs by over 50% of Fax Server Costs
Get a detailed financial cost-benefit analysis of your faxing environment.

Eliminate Fax Servers
Top reasons to eliminate your old fax server.

Integrate Fax with IT infrastructure and Desktop Applications
Learn how MyFax seamlessly integrates with IT systems and core applications, such as SAP, Microsoft Active Directory, and Voice over IP environments.

Send and receive faxes with your smart phone, including BlackBerry® iPhone®, etc.

Improve Fax Security and Compliance
Improve fax security and ensure compliance with SOX, or GLBA.

Production Faxing
Automate fax delivery from CRM, ERP, or billing software with XML.

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