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Brochures MyFax for End Users (PDF, 168K)
The benefits of sending and receiving faxes over the Internet.

MyFax for the Administrator (PDF, 3.1MB)
Administering MyFax within a corporate environment.

MyFax for the IT Manager (PDF, 192k)
Integrating MyFax Internet faxing into existing business infrastructures.

MyFax for Lotus Notes® (PDF, 839k)
The benefits of sending faxes and maintaining detailed fax logs directly within Lotus Notes.

MyFax Supported File Formats (PDF, 173k)
A list of the 178 file types that can be faxed from your computer or wireless device to any fax machine using MyFax.

Privacy, Security & Compliance MyFax Protects Your Data
How your MyFax email and web faxes are kept private and secure.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Compliancy Statement (PDF, 54k)

PIPEDA Compliancy Statement

PGP Public Key
For secure, encrypted fax transmission

For more information on MyFax privacy and security, visit the MyFax Security & Compliance

White Papers Robert Frances Report - Analyzing TCO (PDF, 160k)

Comparing Fax Servers to Hosted Fax Solutions (PDF, 407k)

Faxing Dilemmas in an age of Privacy (PDF, 673k)

Replace your Fax Server by Migrating to the Cloud (PDF, 878k)

Case Studies Nymity (Consulting) (PDF, 254k)

Bergeron Companies (Manufacture/Retail) (PDF, 224k)

Republic State Mortgage (Mortgage) (PDF, 84k)

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Westland Insurance Group Ltd. (Insurance) (PDF, 86k)

GMAC-RFC (Mortgage) (PDF, 64k)

University of Ottawa (Education (PDF, 35k)

Medical University of South Carolina (Health) (PDF, 216k)

Fax Evolution for Green IT
Presenter: Sam Wehbe, Product Marketing Manager, MyFax
Original Live Airing: August 26th, 2009
View Recording

IT's environmental impact can significantly be reduced with both behavioral changes and the adoption of new technologies. These new technologies improve both environmental performance and dramatically reduce or eliminate costs. The Fax sits front and center in this issue, as a technology and function common across all organizations, big and small, that impacts efficiency, the environment and the bottom-line.

Q & A with the Expert: Replacing Fax Servers and moving your fax to the cloud.
Presenters: Mark Cerullo, Head of Professional Services for Protus and Erik K Linask, Group Managing Editor for TMCnet
Original Live Airing: May 21st, 2009
View Recording

When replacing old fax servers, IT managers must compare legacy technology with modern alternatives such as a fax over IP servers and hosted fax services which are akin to software-as-a-service. Newer faxing options address issues such as remote employees, mobility, centralized administration, and cost control.

Faxing for the Legal Industry
Presenters: Luc Vezina, Head of MyFax Marketing and Mark Cerullo, Manager
Original Live Airing: March 19th, 2009
View Recording

Faxing remains a business-critical form of communication for law firms. Many law firms are looking to replace antiquated fax machines or fax server with an Internet Fax service - a hosted and fully outsourced fax solution.

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