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Reduce Fax Costs by over 50% of Fax Server Costs

Most companies have years of legacy fax systems in place and the real cost for maintaining and operating these assets is often unclear. For example, an organization that faxes 10,000 sheets a day could incur $125,000 in annual telephone charges, not including circuit costs or engineering maintenance costs.

Other hidden costs of owning and managing fax servers include:
high installation and deployment costs integration costs overspending on excess capacity costs networking/telephony costs maintenance costs

Fax servers also add to IT's burden by creating another complex system that needs to be managed.

Fax Server vs. Myfax stats

Hosted fax solutions, like MyFax®, offer well-defined, easy to calculate costs, with none of the infrastructure planning or costs associated with building a dedicated fax environment. Typical operational savings should run from 49 to 64% of the costs of building and running service internally. Other benefits include:

Improved security Improved document management Increased control

Analyze Total Cost of Ownership for
Fax Servers vs. Hosted Fax Services

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How much can your company save with MyFax?

Contact a MyFax Corporate Account Manager today to obtain a detailed financial cost-benefit analysis of your faxing environment.

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"We performed a full cost analysis and MyFax was shown to be the most cost-effective."
Sujit Kar IT Manager, Medical University of South Carolina

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