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Access more information from more places with fax mobility

Whether your organization spans the globe, continent, or state, the reality is that organizations have increasingly become decentralized and employees are constantly on the move. Wireless data services and the devices used to access them can be integrated with fax to offer your mobile workforce significant business advantages. MyFax® delivers wireless faxing functionality allowing users to send and receive faxes from Internet-ready smart phones such BlackBerry®, iPhone®, etc.

Send faxes from your smart phone
With MyFax, your smart phone, and an Internet connection, you can send faxes to any fax machine worldwide.
Send faxes using your email account Fax PDF, Microsoft® Word, plus 178 other popular
document types
Fax anywhere - from work, from home, or while on the road.
Mobile Phones

Receive faxes on your smart phone
Faxes sent to your MyFax number are delivered to your email Inbox, allowing you to receive faxes on your smart phone or anywhere you check email. MyFax converts paper faxes to standard TIF or PDF electronic documents. For devices without TIF or PDF viewers, MyFax works with software such as the award-winning Documents to Go® by DataViz.

MyFax App for iPhone®
Send and receive faxes with your MyFax account without having to login to MyFaxCentral or dig through your emails. Available FREE in the Apple App Store

Send and Receive Faxes Online with MyFaxCentral
MyFaxCentral is a secure online fax portal that allows employees to send and receive faxes from anywhere they can access an Internet browser. Free online fax storage, allows employees to access previously sent and received faxes.

Turn any fax machine into your personal printer
When employees are on the road away from a printer, they can fax important documents to a fax machine from their smart phone for instant printing.

"I can fire up my laptop wherever I happen to be, see the faxes, and keep things moving. It’s made a big difference."
Barbara Reeves Senior Loan Officer,Republic State Mortgage

What could adding fax mobility do for your company?
Contact a MyFax Corporate Account Manager today to learn more about the business advantages of mobility faxing.

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