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Fax Automation for Document Intensive Businesses

Automation and Production Faxing

In transaction-based business environments, sending, receiving, confirming and issuing documents is an integral part of business operations and operational workflow. Many organizations still employ in-house fax servers to automate the delivery of transactional fax documents, sacrificing reliability for low per page rates based on volume.

MyFax® provides fully redundant and scalable, fax automation capabilities for document intensive industries that can be customized to unique information delivery challenges. This empowers your organization with a simple-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and inexpensive way to improve document management.

Benefits of fax automation through MyFax
No need for costly telecom infrastructure 99.5% uptime guarantee Support large scale messaging needs - send single or volume faxes. Cost allocation information - track charges by user, group, and more. Track fax progress and history. "On-demand" access and virtually unlimited capacity. Save time and reduce costs. Improve speed and efficiency.

Integrations Solutions
Integration delivers a global fax solution with unlimited scalability. Learn More.

"We can now keep complete customer records together. For a document –intensive business like ours, this is huge."
Geoff Belair Director Information Technology,Westland Insurance Group

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