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MyFax Messy Office Contest Passes Halfway Point
Six finalists hold off on spring cleaning; four more to be chosen by February 25

Ottawa (February 13, 2008) - MyFax, one of the leading Internet fax services, is asking everyone even thinking about taking a broom to their office to stop immediately, as it could be worth $10,000 just the way it is. Before pushing the piles of papers into the trash receptacle, take a picture or short video. Then upload it to the MyFax Messy Office Contest site before February 25, 2008 noon EST and let the public celebrate the clutter.

Over the past three weeks, MyFax "messperts" have chosen six finalists to compete for the $10,000 grand prize. Over the next two weeks, four more of the least tidy office desks, cubicles or offices - whether it's at home or at corporate headquarters - will be chosen as finalists and join in the quest to win the $10,000 grand prize.

"There are those who believe a messy office or desk is a sign of genius, and history certainly seems to bear that out," said Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus IP Solutions, the provider of MyFax. "Albert Einstein and Leonardo DaVinci were not exactly known for their well-organized and clean workspaces, and their credentials speak for themselves. Looking at the contest entries we've had so far, I'd say there are a lot of brilliant people out there in the workforce. It's high time we celebrate them."

The MyFax mess experts will continue to select two finalists each week, as they have been doing since the start of the contest. One of the weekly winners will then be chosen as the $10,000 grand prize winner in an online poll. Results will be announced by March 5, 2008. For complete contest rules, visit www.messyofficecontest.com. The Messy Office Contest rules as explained by I.S. Melfunny can also be found on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogljc1rHACw.

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