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j2 Global Acquires Protus IP Solutions, Inc.

LOS ANGELES—December 6, 2010—j2 Global Communications, Inc. [NASDAQGS:JCOM], the provider of outsourced, value-added messaging and communication services, today announced that it has acquired Protus IP Solutions, Inc., a Canadian provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) communication services and solutions to the business market. 


Protus’ principal products are offered under the brand names MyFax® (Internet fax), CampaignerTM (email marketing) and My1VoiceTM (virtual phone service). Protus generated approximately $72 million in revenues over the 12 month period ended October 31, 2010, comprised of approximately 81% from MyFax®, 11% from CampaignerTM, 3% from My1VoiceTM and 5% from other services. 


The purchase price was approximately $213 million, subject to certain post-closing adjustments.  The purchase was funded out of j2’s cash on hand.


With the acquisition, j2 now has approximately 1.9 million paid DIDs deployed to its fax, voice and unified communications customers. 


As a result of the acquisition, j2 anticipates incurring approximately $15 million in deal and integration related expenses during the next nine months, with between $5 million and $11 million occurring in j2’scurrent fiscal quarter.


For the fourth fiscal quarter, j2 Global anticipates revenues will be between $69.5 million and $71.5 million. The acquisition of Protus, after expensing deal related costs in the fourth quarter, will be immediately accretive.  Net earnings per diluted share, excluding 123R non-cash compensation expense (between $2.0 million and $2.5 million) and the acquisition-related expenses described above, are expected to be between $0.48 and $0.50, based on approximately 46 million shares outstanding.



About j2 Global Communications

Founded in 1995, j2 Global Communications, Inc. provides outsourced, value-added messaging and communications services to individuals and businesses around the world. With offices in eight cities worldwide, j2 Global's network spans more than 4,200 cities in 49 countries on six continents. The Company's websites appear in numerous languages, including Dutch, French, German, Spanish, English and more. Payments are accepted in currencies that include the U.S. Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar and more. j2 Global provides live sales and customer service support in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Cantonese and more. j2 Global markets its services principally under the brands eFax®, eFax Corporate®, Onebox®, eVoice® and Electric Mail®. As of December 31, 2009, j2 Global had achieved 14 consecutive fiscal years of revenue growth and eight consecutive fiscal years of positive and growing operating earnings. For more information about j2 Global, please visit http://www.j2global.com.

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