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Gizmodo, Lifehacker Readers Vote MyFax Best Internet Fax Service

Ottawa, Ontario (September 22, 2010) - MyFax, the world's fastest-growing Internet fax service, today announced the readers of tech and lifestyle blogs Gizmodo and Lifehacker voted MyFax the best Internet fax service. Lifehacker's Hive Five Feature originally asked readers which fax service they use; the five most popular services then went head-to-head in a poll asking readers to select the best. MyFax emerged the most favored Internet fax service with nearly 29 percent of more than 2,900 votes cast, seven percent more than its nearest competitor.

"Faxing is still core to the workflow of many industries, and because of that the Internet fax market is very competitive," said Steve Adams, vice president of marketing for Protus, the provider of MyFax. "The Hive Five readers were clear in their preference for MyFax. Their enthusiasm, along with feedback from our customers, is what drives us to deliver a great product and overall customer experience that is unmatched by our competitors."

Lifehacker's Hive Five Call for Contenders Feature, a staple of the blog, allows users to nominate the best products for a service, then vote on the five that receive the most recommendations. The site, which receives roughly 20 million visitors a month, is a leading online source for lifestyle improvement and enhancement of the online experience.

MyFax's #1 ranking comes on the heels of the release of MyFax's iPhone App release this summer. The new app gives faxers the ability to access critical faxes from their iPhone without having to open a browser or launch an email application.

For more information about MyFax or to access a free 30-day trial, visit www.myfax.com. You can also get the latest MyFax news by following MyFax on Twitter and Facebook.

About MyFax
MyFax is the fastest-growing Internet fax service used by individuals, small, medium and large businesses to send and receive faxes using existing email accounts or the web. MyFax offers services in North America and Europe, including the United Kingdom, to industries recognized among the fastest-growing adopters of Internet fax including healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, transportation and government. More than 20,000 new customers subscribe to MyFax each month. MyFax is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business communications solution provided by Protus. Other offerings include my1voice, a feature-rich virtual phone service for small business and Campaigner, the email marketing service that is easy-to-use, affordable and provides step-by-step coaching tips and tools. You can learn more and visit MyFax at www.myfax.com or by following MyFax on Twitter and Facebook.

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