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Businesses Continue to Reap the Benefits of the MyFax Fax Board Buy Back Program
Las Vegas industrial process automation company saves approximately $10,000 by choosing an Internet fax service in lieu of a fax server upgrade.

Ottawa (May 4, 2010) - MyFax, the world's fastest-growing Internet fax service, today announced it is extending its successful Fax Board Buy Back Program for another year. With this offer, MyFax will purchase businesses' fax boards for 20 percent off the first year of a new MyFax subscription (up to $1000 US).

Fax servers often require heavy capital expenditure and maintenance, and managing the complexities of a fax server could draw important IT resources away from other critical areas that an organization needs to focus on. That was the case with Las Vegas-based process-automation product supplier Caltrol, one of the companies that took advantage of the program to upgrade from a fax server to an Internet fax solution.

IT director Stephen Murphy was searching for a new fax solution since his fax server's 90 percent reliability rate was too low, and mail servers tied to it needed to be restarted regularly. Murphy came across MyFax's corporate solution as a result of his positive experience with MyFax for personal use.

"Caltrol relies on faxes for shipping and order confirmations," Murphy said. "While these notices are primarily delivered via email, some of our customers don't use email and rely on faxing instead. It was cost-prohibitive for the business to print out the confirmations and manually fax them, so we needed an alternative that would reduce costs while still providing top-notch service."

When it came time for the fax server renewal, Murphy says it would have been a "significantly large investment" to upgrade the fax server, and the latency issues associated with re-routing faxes to multiple offices didn't provide a return on investment. MyFax provided a solution to all of these issues.

The migration away from fax servers to MyFax enables Caltrol's users to send and receive faxes via email, while the hardware, back-up and software are handled by MyFax. The Internet fax service can be rapidly deployed, and existing fax numbers can be carried over. Murphy says the buyback offer solidified his decision to move to MyFax.

"IT doesn't turn in dollars very often, so the cost savings convinced management to make the switch," Murphy said. "What would have cost us $10,000 to $15,000 to upgrade the fax server was essentially free. The buyback offer offset my first month of service, plus we're saving on power costs."

With the move to MyFax, Caltrol was able to tie the faxing solution to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. As a result, the system identifies customers that do not have an email address, and automatically sends a fax instead. Murphy says MyFax was setup and running the same day and now provides a higher level of customer service.

Murphy says the implementation of MyFax was seamless, there's no IT involvement required, and employees are surprised at the ease-of use.

"Anytime an IT department can deliver a business solution with a small learning curve, it's a no-brainer," Murphy said. "This is the company's first Software-as-a-Service rollout and it's easy to see the return on investment."

More information about the Fax Board Buy Back Program, and the white paper "Migrating from Fax Servers to the Cloud", can be found at http://www.myfax.com/faxboard/ or by calling 866-657-9885. The white paper provides a framework for migration from a fax server to an Internet fax solution.

About MyFax
MyFax is the fastest-growing Internet fax service used by individuals, small, medium and large businesses to send and receive faxes using existing email accounts or the web. MyFax offers services in North America and Europe, including the United Kingdom, to industries recognized among the fastest-growing adopters of Internet fax including healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, transportation and government. More than 20,000 new customers subscribe to MyFax each month. MyFax is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business communications solution provided by Protus. Other offerings include my1voice, a feature-rich virtual phone service for small business and Campaigner, the email marketing service that is easy-to-use, affordable and provides step-by-step coaching tips and tools. Additional information is available at www.campaigner.com, www.my1voice.com or www.myfax.com.

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