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j2 Denied Rights to "efax" Trademark
Protus, provider of MyFax, the fastest growing Internet fax service, wins UK "efax" trademark opposition against j2 Global

Ottawa (August 5, 2008) - Fast-growing Canadian technology company Protus today announced that it has successfully opposed a UK trademark application for the word "efax" against j2 Global Communications. The UK Intellectual Property Office issued a decision upholding Protus' opposition to the registration of "efax" as a trademark by j2. The Hearing Officer concluded the mark was clearly descriptive.

"This is just another victory in a string of recent wins against j2," said Andrea Girones, General Counsel at Protus. "This UK win is significant for us as our market presence continues to grow in Europe. We have also challenged the registration of the mark in the United States and we are confident that our opposition to 'efax' as a mark in the U.S. will also be successful."

Last year Protus defeated j2 Global Communications in a patent lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. The case was closely followed by technology and communications companies because j2 Global Communications, prior to targeting Protus, licensed the patents to more than 30 companies. Protus was the first company to challenge these patents in the courts and was awarded a decisive victory.

"MyFax continues to be of the highest quality and is the fastest growing Internet fax product on the market," said Joseph Nour, Protus' Chief Executive Officer. "We're committed to maintaining a leadership role and continuing to bring superior solutions to meet evolving business needs."

Protus provides the highest quality software-as-a-service communications tools for small-to-medium-businesses and enterprise organizations. The company currently offers the fastest growing Internet fax service MyFax, my1voice the cost-effective virtual PBX phone service, and email marketing solution Campaigner.

About Protus
Protus® provides the highest quality software as a service (SaaS) communications tools for small-to-medium-businesses (SMB) and enterprise organizations, including award-winning MyFax, the fastest growing Internet fax service; my1voice, the cost-effective, feature-rich virtual PBX phone service that travels with the user from phone to web; and Campaigner and CampaignerPro, software-as-a-service email marketing solutions with advanced automation features. Protus' commitment to delivering a superior user experience has resulted in a continually growing and loyal customer base, allowing market leadership in industries including finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, transportation and government. For more information about Protus and its family of communication tools, call 888-733-7007 or visit www.protus.com.

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