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my1voice Virtual PBX Phone Service Connects Today's Workforce with Customers
New service allows even the smallest businesses to "never miss a call"

Ottawa (June 3, 2008) - Protus, the provider of the fastest growing Internet fax service MyFax™, today announced the introduction of its new virtual PBX phone service, my1voice™. This solution, designed for home and small offices - particularly those mobile professionals always on the go - offers a convenient, cost effective and easy-to-use voice service that works with your existing phones.

my1voice uses existing telephone equipment to provide auto-attendant and voicemail services that provide a professional face to callers while allowing employees to stay in touch with the office via phone, e-mail or the web. Since there is no additional hardware or software to install or maintain, all of this can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of installing a traditional PBX system. Features include the ability to customize a recorded greeting, automate call routing, set individual voicemail boxes for each employee, and receive automatic voicemail notifications.

Because it is software rather than hardware-based, my1voice also offers features not found on traditional PBX systems. For example, its "Find Me/Follow me" feature connects incoming calls to designated employees regardless of location and phone type. The call forward feature works with a mobile, home or office phone - or to all in a sequential order - assuring that callers never experience a busy signal or a dropped call. Voicemail may be checked over the phone, read as e-mail, or viewed over a secure Web server, making it even easier for mobile personnel to stay in touch while out of the office.

"The traditional office model, where all employees go to one location, sit at their desks throughout the day, and conduct business is no longer the gold standard," said Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus. "Increasingly, today's business world consists of mobile workers, distributed workforces, and even entire virtual companies. We designed my1voice to cater to the business communications needs of the small/home business world that is working this way. With my1voice, even if you're splitting your work hours between your home office, the local coffee shop with Wi-Fi access and your car, you can have the same voice options and phone service as the largest corporations."

Additional my1voice features include:

  • Choice of toll-free or local phone number with multiple extensions
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Initial and Main Greetings
  • Day and Night Modes
  • Holding Music
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Find-Me and Follow-Me Call Forwarding
  • Call Scheduling
  • Custom Settings
  • History Reports
  • Caller ID Screening
  • Virtual Calling Cards
  • Load-Balanced Routing

my1voice offers three service options to meet the requirements of different types of organizations, including businesses with one-to-five employees, six-to-ten employees, and 11 to 25 employees. These services range from $10 to $50 USD per month with a variety of minutes, extensions and custom greetings. All three options include free set-up and customer service support. For more information, visit www.my1voice.com.

About Protus
Protus® provides the highest quality software as a service (SaaS) communications tools for small-to-medium-businesses(SMB) and enterprise organizations, including award-winning MyFax, the fastest growing Internet fax service and My1Voice, the cost-effective, feature-rich virtual PBX phone service that travels with the user from phone to web. Protus' commitment to delivering a superior user experience has resulted in a continually growing and loyal customer base, allowing market leadership in industries including finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, transportation and government. For more information about Protus and its family of communication tools, call 888-733-7007 or visit www.protus.com, www.myfax.com, and www.my1voice.com.

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