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MyFax is in the Spotlight on Computer America Radio Talk Show
Steve Adams, Vice President of Marketing for MyFax, is a featured guest on Craig Crossman's nationally syndicated radio show.

For the first hour of the program, Steve and Craig discuss the many merits of MyFax, and why it's an essential tool for anyone who relies on fax machines or fax servers.

Quotes from the Show:

"Lots of people have fax machines because they're comfortable with them, they're in all sorts of locations, and it means that lots of people, like yourself, need to find a way to communicate with them. And whether it's sending a fax when you've only got the electronic original, or when you want to receive a fax from somebody, and don't have a fax machine, MyFax is there for you."
- Steve Adams

"There's a lot more to this than I had realized. We've got all kind of communications coming over the internet. Why not faxes?"
- Craig Crossman

"The essence is really that simplicity of the service. It's used by hundreds of thousands of customers today, just because it is so simple. If you can send and receive an email, you can get your faxes through MyFax.com."
- Steve Adams

"It's just a logical progression of bringing older technology to the newer technology. There are just so many ways it makes faxing easier, less expensive. It just streamlines things a lot."
- Craig Crossman

About Computer America
Hosted by Craig Crossman, Computer America is a nationally syndicated two-hour show that is carried live at 10pm ET / 7pm PT each weeknight over the Business TalkRadio Network®. The program is the longest running radio talk show solely dedicated to educating consumers about computers and technology. Computer America covers everything about the world of personal computers.

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